This Company Offers Additional Holidays To Employees Who Do Not Smoke

If you can’t quit smoking and you work in a similar company, this should be your solution.

A marketing company from Tokyo, named Piala, have decided to offer six extra free days for its employees who manage to quit this vice.

This idea started when one of the employee confirmed that he spends more time working than his co-workers who lose a lot of time on smoking pauses

We don’t want to punish the smokers because we know it’s hard to quit for some of them. Otherwise we decided to create a reward for the people who do. – says Hirotaka Matsushima

Is good to know than in Japan one of five adults are smoking, fact that explains why you can see so many places created especially for this thing.

Referring to this idea, a smoker loses about 15 minutes for every cigarette-break.


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