Door to a better life



You, like everyone, have a dream, a goal, a moment you want to achieve in your life. But what stops you from making your dream come true? What stops you from taking action right now? What stops you from being the person that you always wanted to be?

Maybe when you talk about your goals you start with “When I’ll have money”. Then what stops you from making enough money to make your dream come true? No one is going to work for your dream. Actually dreams don’t work until you do. When you’re ready to go for it you need to be 100% sure of what you want to do with your life. You have to think about it everytime, anywhere, when you wake up, when you work, when you go to bed. How far can you go just to make it happen?

Maybe you want to travel? Then what holds you back? Money? Try making money while traveling. You’ll have many obstacles on your path to achieve your goal, but you have to pass even it is easy or not.

If you give up who’s going to fight for your dream? What are you living for? Just to pay the bills every month? Life isn’t meant to be that way. Is there something more that’s making you more happy than making your dream come true? If yes, it’s ok, you should go on your same room, with your same friends and the same life you had until now, but with a bitter taste that will never dissapear.

You are not meant to be here just to waste your life like everybody else. Don’t you want to be remembered after years for what you’ve done good in your life? Are you going to let others succes instead of taking action right now? What other people have and you don’t? Maybe luck? You can create luck with your own hands, all you need is your own will. You want to live like you do now? Don’t you want to wake up in the morning and go to an unplanned trip on the mountain? Don’t you want to live like that? If not, go back to your same story that you keep telling yourself over and over again everyday, because no one is going to do it instead of you.


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