The most expensive hourglass in the world costs 11.000 USD and it’s created by an Apple designer

The most expensive hourglass in the world is created by an Apple designer and looks amazing



It is likely that you have never seen such a thing. Though these objects have appeared since the Middle Ages and have been used for time-building, they have begun to become rare.

Over time, they have become the artwork and passion of many collectors who are able to offer large amounts of money to buy such an object due to its design.

Marc Newson, an Apple designer, thought he could bring an hourglass improvement when everyone expected less. No one expected to see 11,000-pound hourglass on the market.

It will only be produced in 100 copies, but who want to buy it will wait a few good months until they can have it.

The hourglass is made of very good quality glass, hand-blown, but the hardest part of the creation process is the creation of a very thin shape of the glass in the middle, which slips some very small balls through it. Each ball has a diameter of 0.66 millimeters. The total number of the balls is 1.249.996.

The surface of the balls is made of copper and the interior of stainless steel, so the hourglass is measuring just 10 minutes.

Currently, only 6 copies are available, followed by another 4 in June. Then 10 pieces will be produced every month until the 100th threshold is reached. Any interested in the purchase of this item must pay in advance a value of 5500 USD.

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