Jupiter as you don’t know it



What NASA has discovered has changed everything we knew about Jupiter

The Juno spacecraft, which has a leading role in Jupiter’s investigation, presents the strange phenomenon that occur on Jupiter. If in August 2016 it showed us giant cyclones, a magnetic field and strange auroras of the planet, it now recorded strange sounds as he approached the magnetosphere of the planet, which contracts but also expands, according to the solar winds.

Juno’s mission was to make a detailed map of the red giant, which has happened. Astronomers have discovered some strange structures on the planet. On Jupiter there are giant cyclones that have a diameter of 1,400 kilometers (10 times greater than on Earth) and thunderstorms that are also found at 100 km altitude (outside the Jupiter atmosphere).

The researchers had a surprise when they found something strange under Jupiter’s Clouds: The Thermal Structure of the Atmosphere. We now have Jupiter forming complex climatic systems.

The magnetic field is very strong, even stronger than the scientists predicted and has an uneven distribution.

The most interesting thing is that the space around the planet is controlled by the magnetic field. When Juno passed the magnetosphere he encountered a shock wave that varies depending on the solar wind activity.

Despite all these bizarre events, Juno still identifies spectacular boreal auras of a blue-violet shade, a show of lights that impresses everyone.

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