Will we ever see a man on Mars?

Credit: 123RF

Credit: 123RF

This hypothesis comes from observing the human physical condition of astronauts at the International Space Station (ISS).

Human body capacities have been reduced by 30-50%, which is a very high percentage. If we are in space, oxygen moves in a different way inside our blood.

Although it does not sound very promising, in the near future we can find other solutions to help understanding how the human body works in conditions of zero gravity.

This is a study by the Johnson Space Center and Kansas State University, which observed that the reduced physical capacity of astronauts can be associated with how oxygen is transported in the body.

The study was conducted with the help of nine astronauts from the ISS, who had missions lasting 6 months. From the data collected, a 30-50% decrease in human physical capacity was recorded during back time results.

While previous studies suggest that this is due to changes in heart function, our information suggests that there are things that happen in the heart, but at the microcirculation level in the capillary vessels” – Dr. Carl Ade, the author of this study.

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