Credit: NASA

Credit : NASA

NASA just discovered today, thanks to Cassini Spacecraft, that the space between Saturn and its rings is actually empty.

These good news will allow Cassini to travel its next 21 ‘immersions’ between Saturn and its rings without any problem.

Until now the spacecraft was using it’s round antenna to protect itself from the dust.

At the first jump between the rings and the planet, while passing the first ring, Cassini lost the transmission with Earth because its antenna was closed.

Credit: New York Times

Credit: New York Times

But now every mission seems to be much easier than before.

As we know, the mission of Cassini Spacecraft will have a big end on September, an end that will show us the true origin of Saturn and its mysterious rings.

We should not forget that with the end of the Cassini mission we will stop finding answers about Titan, the biggest natural satellite of Saturn.

On 26 april it flew around Titan for the last time (127th time) .

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