Scientists Have Found A Way To Feed The Whole Planet With Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is about to win the fight against fossil fuels.

A huge farm of wind turbines, built in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean could save the whole planet.

In a study led by Anna Possner and Ken Caldeira, from the University of Standford Sciences in California, in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, we are told that a huge farm of wind turbines would produce four times more energy per square meter than turbines located on land.

Why in the North Atlantic?

Wind speed is 70% higher above the oceans than on land. The project would cover an area of ​​3 million square kilometersand would provide 18 terawatts annually, the actual amount of energy that is currently globally consumed.

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At the moment everything is just on paper, but a computerized simulation has proved the researchers are right and it is very possible to be achieved in the near future.

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