Total Solar Eclipse on 21 August

Photo by Collen Pinski, National Geographic Your Shot

Photo by Collen Pinski, National Geographic Your Shot

Since 1918 we haven’t seen this cosmic spectacle

Unfortunately the show is only over the U.S, when a total solar eclipse will race over the entire country. Actually it is the first time since 1918.

Moon will completely cover the Sun and the day will become night for a few minutes. The path of the event will start in Oregon and will end in South Carolina.

Many people from around the world will be traveling to the cities in which total eclipse can be observed. National Geographic team made a video with these places:


“People outside the path of totality can use filtered glasses to watch the partial eclipse. And anyone can watch indirectly using a pinhole camera, which projects an image of the sun onto a flat surface for safe viewing” says Andrew Fazekas, host of NG Live

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