Unexplained radio wave came from the universe

How is it possible that something that generates so much energy, as many as 500 million stars like the Sun, leaves no trace?


Although so far there are 22 such waves, we still do not know what it means and from which part of the universe they come from.

Violent radio eruptions last a few milliseconds, but they have a brightness that is billions of times greater than anything we’ve ever seen in our galaxy.

FRBs (radio eruptions) are the most explosive and mysterious signals in the Universe. Over time they have been associated with everything from microwaves to alien spaceships.

The last eruptive one of this type was one of the strangest, and experts say it’s still inexplicable.

FRB 150215

FRB 150215

We can think that with only 22 signals of this type received so far, they are very rare, but scientists believe that this is a very common phenomenon.

Moreover, they suspect that there are about 2000 occurring in the Universe, per day and the only inconvenience is that they are too short: about 5 milliseconds, and then disappear.

One thing could be confirmed: these waves definitely come from space.

FRB 150215 was detected in real-time by the Parkes radio telescope in Australia on February 15, 2015. The mysterious eruption was captured by the telescopes from all over, but without knowing anything about its trace.

Another reason why FRB 150215 is strange is that we should not have detected it from Earth, considering that it came from an unusual direction, passing through an extremely dense area of ​​the Milky Way.

FRB 150215

FRB 150215

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