Unlimited Energy Is One Step Away From Reality? Plasma Allows Nuclear Fusion To Happen

Mankind is one step ahead in achieving the nuclear fusion.

Considering this a source of the future, nuclear fusion can provide an unlimited amount of energy without pollution, through a process similar to that taking place inside the Sun.

Magnetic field, intense pressure and heat is needed for the cores of the lighter chemical elements to fuse together, thus creating other chemical elements that are heavier and can eliminate a greater amount of energy during the process. For example, hydrogen atoms can form helium atoms.

The next step is overheating the gas, which becomes plasma, high pressure is applied, so the atoms are forced to fuse between them.

In fusion reactors, plasma is composed of two types of ions – deuterium and hydrogen or deuterium and helium-3.

In a new experiment, the researchers used plasma composed of three types of ions – hydrogen, deuterium and some helium-3 traces.

Being at a very low dose, helium-3 will warm up, so the plasma will heat up enough to generate nuclear fusion.

Researchers at the Joint European Torus, the largest nuclear fusion device in Europe, have announced they will also reproduce this experiment.

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