VIDEO: SpaceX Launches 2 Falcon 9 Rockets in 2 Days

Space X just sent the first geostationary communication satellite in the history of Bulgaria.

The satellite belongs to the BulgariaSat operator and will provide communications services in the future for South-Eastern Europe.

It will be located above the region with the help of Falcon 9 rocket (for the second time). [Watch latest Space X landing in 4K]

BulgariaSat-1 was launched today, June 23, on the 39A platform in the Kennedy Space Center.

On June 25, Space X will launch an unused Falcon 9 rocket that will carry 10 Iridium Communications satellites out of the 70 owned by the company.

Both Rockets, will land on the floating platform “Of Course I Still Love You” in the Atlantic Ocean.

Today’s launch has been broadcast live and you can watch it all here:

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