Water Was Found On The Moon

Researchers found huge amount of water inside the Moon.

Water has been discovered inside of the volcanic deposits on the Moon’s surface, indicating that there is a large amount of water inside the celestial body.

Stephen Hawking said the Moon can be used as a station for astronauts heading to other planets.

The amount of water on the moon could be drinking and could be of great help for other missions in the future.

No one explains the origin of the water, but the first evidence of its existence has been obtained since 2008. Then, the composition of the hardened lava remnants taken by the Apollo 15 and 17 missions astronauts was analyzed.

Another cause of water on the moon could be the impact with the Earth of a meteorite that extincted the dinosaurs, the impact being so strong that the remnants of our planet reached the Moon.

This research has been expanded, concluding that within the Moon are certainly large amounts of water.

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