The most Famous 8 Mysterious places on Earth

The most Famous 8 Mysterious places on Earth

“People fear what they don’t understand and hate what they can’t conquer.” (Andrew Smith)

We hear it all the time that this world is full of surprises. It demands us to stay vigilant all the time. Man is afraid of the unknown as he wants to feel in control of things. Uncertainty gives birth to mysteries and fears creeps into our minds. You think you have nerves of steel as you fear nothing, it’s time to find it out. Visit the following places and the meaning of mystery might change for you.

Bermuda Triangle. Credit:


         The Bermuda Triangle

When it comes to the mystery on Earth, the first thing that comes to your mind is the Bermuda Triangle of the Atlantic Ocean. From the disappearance of ships to the vanishing of humans, all scary incidents are associated with this part of the world. That’s why it is also known as the Devil’s Triangle. The most common theory associated with this place is that there is a magnetic field that leads to the malfunctioning of the compasses which results in all these tragic events.

The Nazca Lines. Credit:

·         The Nazca Lines

The purpose behind these enormous geoglyphs is still unknown. They are found in arid parts of the coastal regions of Peru and history suggests that they are as old as 500 B.C. Some people link them with rituals while others connect these figures of plants and animals with constellations in the sky.

Edinburgh Caste. Credit:

·         Edinburgh Castle

‘Haunted Castle’ is its nickname as a lot of paranormal experiences are reported to have happened there. This fortress was built 900 years ago on top of a rock. Following all the speculation, a paranormal investigation was done in 2001 to find the ghosts of Duke of Albany and Alexander Stewart. All the secrets of this place were explored by 9 researchers. Nearly 200 people were also involved in the investigation to make it as transparent as possible. Half of the investigators claimed that they experienced paranormal activities in certain places of the castle.

The Banff Springs Hotel. Credit:

·         The Banff Springs Hotel

This hotel of Canada is surrounded by immense natural beauty but do research a bit about the ghost stories before booking a room there. A handful of mysterious incidents are reported to have occurred in this hotel including the murder of an entire family. This horrific event took place in the room 873 so for all the light-hearted people out there, don’t choose this room. Similarly, the tales of reappearing doormen who vanish in thin air are also very common.

The Jewish Cemetery in Prague. Credit:

·         The Jewish Cemetery in Prague

It is the oldest cemetery for Jews in the continent of Europe. According to archaeologists, more than 100,000 people are buried there. It seems impossible considering the area covered by this cemetery but this is where all the mysteries creep in. The researchers have found traces that 11 cemeteries are stacked on top of each other. Even the imagination has the strength to scare a lot of people.

Bhangarh Fort. Credit:

·         Bhangarh Fort

This place of mysterious deaths is located in Rajasthan, India. The common perception about this place is that a wizard tried to trap a princess by offering her a love potion. His plan backfired and he died but the curse of the princess remained. It is believed that the ghosts of the princess and the wizard do exist in this fort and no one is allowed to go in that direction after sunset. What makes things more frightening is that a lot of deaths are linked to this curse.

Artist conception of a victime of Jack the Ripper. Credit:

·         The Footsteps of Jack

A lot of people are familiar with the first ever serial killer, Jack the Ripper. His victims were found in the narrow lanes of Whitechapel. Nothing conclusive was figured out about the killer and the streets are not changed at all since his time in the 18th century. If you love adventures, do visit those lanes. Bring the detective in you out and who knows you might be able to solve a mystery that is centuries old.

Amityville House. Credit:

·         Amityville House

This place is so mysterious that the entertainment world couldn’t resist the temptation and a movie was made on this ‘House of the Devil’. A family tragedy took place here as 23 years old Ronald De Feo Jr. killed his parents and siblings. He later confessed that he heard voices that forced him to do so. Another family moved in that place but they left pretty quickly after encountering strange happenings. This haunted house is still waiting for visitors in Long Island, New York.

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