6 Unusual Hotels around the World

6 Unusual Hotels around the World

6 Unusual Hotels around the World
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You can get a lot of search results for “best hotel” these days but some of them are so unique that they take the concept of tourism accommodation to a whole new level. Ranging from a UFO hotel to Silo Stay, the world is filled with a number of unusual hotels. Following is a list of 6 wacky and unusual hotels that will leave you in awe.

The Sandcastle Hotel

The Sandcastle Hotel - Unusual Hotels

Most of us build small sandcastles on beaches during summer vacations. In contrast to that, the Sandcastle Hotel in the Netherlands goes up a notch and allows you to book one of the two actual sandcastles to live in. This extraordinary hotel is equipped with all the necessities for a night’s stay. These temporary sandcastles were originally built in 2015 as part of an annual sandcastle-making festival in the inland towns of Oss and Sneek. The sandcastle rooms are built every summer and are treated to prevent crumbling. Definitely worth checking out this marvel if it tickles your fancy.

Dog Bark Park Inn

Dog Bark Park Inn - Unusual Hotels

We’re all familiar with the term “sleeping in the doghouse” but a US bed-and-breakfast gives a whole new meaning to the phrase. In Central Idaho, dog lovers can enjoy the novelty of sleeping inside a giant beagle. The two-story beagle-shaped building is known affectionately as “Sweet Willy” to the locals. Some of the dog’s decorative furnishings are carvings by Dog Bark Park chainsaw artists Dennis & Frances. Inside and up another level to the head of the dog is a loft room with additional sleeping space plus a cozy alcove in the muzzle. A wood-carving couple, specializing in dog carvings, eventually extended their passion to create a unique dog-themed accommodation.

UFO Hotel

UFO Hotel - Unusual Hotels

This hotel will be something space enthusiasts will likely enjoy. A Welsh couple purchased a container from the London Olympics and renovated it to provide a UFO-styled Airbnb. The cabin, designed by Swedish architect Bertil Harström, is a steel structure that “floats” on four tree trunks rooted deep in the forest floor.

In true UFO style, you enter the unusual hotel through a hatch in the bottom, reached by retractable steps. The “Spodonic’s” decor includes space suits and LED lighting to set the extraterrestrial theme inside the UFO-shaped accommodation. Following the trend, many other UFO-themed unusual hotels have emerged to the scene in recent years. You can find some of them here

Silo Stay

Silo Stay - Unusual Hotels

Despite the fact that it’s an unusual place to bunk down, a silo stay in New Zealand is the newest and likely the most comfortable grain storage unit one will ever rest in. Insulated by wool under the floor, in the walls, and in the ceiling, there is LED lighting within individual silos and external boardwalks. Passive cooling in summer involves opening the hatch at the top of the silo lid for a glimpse of the night sky from the bed. One-bedroom silos for two people have a kitchen with a sculptural steel staircase leading to the bedroom with bathroom and balcony. The Accessible Silo, meanwhile, has wheelchair access and caters for up to four.

Volcano Hotel

Volcano Hotel

Within the deep rainforest of Huilo Huilo (Chile), stands a manmade tower which can be easily mistaken for a volcano of water and grass. It is a hotel built on a natural reserve and is open for business to anyone who enjoys the natural side of the world and can afford it. For $250 to $400 per night, guests can stay at the mystical inn and enjoy amenities like hot tubs made of huge tree trunks. Similarly, they can feast their eyes with some incredible sights such as Arenal Volcano right from the tavern deck. This quaint tavern is a safe place to rest (inside the “mountain of magic”) after a tiring day of exploration.

Norrqvarn Hotel

Norrqvarn Hotel

Fancy falling asleep in the middle of a mythical fairy ring? A hotel in Sweden houses its guests in fantasy toadstools and tree stumps. A chainsaw artist crafted the rooms out of wood and concrete to resemble something a troll would live in (with Wi-Fi of course). Red and white spotted mushrooms and tree stumps are the alternate accommodations by the canal should one wish to stay there.  Inside, the cabins make for comfortable rooms, which, surprisingly, can sleep up to four people. Given the cold Swedish winters, this might not be a feasible accommodation but is best reserved for the warmer summer months.

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