91 Volcanoes Discovered Below Antarctica’s Ice Sheet

91 Volcanoes Discovered Below Antarctica’s Ice Sheet


An article published in the journal Geological Societey demonstrates that under the ice cap are 91 underground volcanoes, unknown until now.

These volcanoes discovered in Western Antarctica, along with 47 others that geologists already knew about, turn Western Antarctica into one of the most volcanic regions of the planet.

The new discovery took place in the area called the West Antarctic Rift System, a region stretching over 3,500 km.

All 91 volcanoes are under the ice cap and their size varies between 100 and 3,800 meters height.

Max Van Wyk de Vries and Robert Bingham from the School of Geosciences at Edinburgh University, were the ones who published this news, but they do not yet know how many of these volcanoes are active.

They warned us about a possible eruption that would further accentuate the effects of global warming on the frozen continent, further research being needed.

The latest discovery of an active volcano in Western Antarctica took place in 2013 and was conducted by researchers at Washington University. This may indicate that there may be many other active volcanoes in the area.

It is quite possible to find many underground volcanoes under the ice cap of the Antarctic Ice, about which nothing is known at the moment.

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