Amazing discovery based on Google Earth images

Amazing discovery based on Google Earth images

Is this evidence that the planet has been inhabited by other civilizations?


A so-called underwater wall was discovered last year by a teenager by mistake while  he was looking at the maps on Google Earth.

If it is real, it could be one of the greatest discoveries ever made.

More recently, the men tend to believe that in the planetary ocean is a massive wall that surrounds the entire planet.

Is it possible to be a map error?

Although we know that what we see in the picture may actually be the combination of Google’s satellite imagery, there are other sources in the virtual world who claim that other mysterious things have been found.

For example, in 2012, an American researcher named Angela Micol found, with the help of satellite images, bigger pyramids than those on the Giza Plateau.

However, if we claim that the images are true, there are a few questions that we cannot find an answer to. What is the purpose of the wall? How old is the structure? Who could have built such a thing?

After a more thorough analysis of the images, it seems that this wall is not a natural formation.

If we think, our planet is millions of years old and everything is possible.

Can it be new ‘The Great Wall of China’?

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  1. I don’t know what to say about that. I just know the most of videos uploaded on youtube, videos like this, are actually fake.

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