How you can get Employed by NASA and how much you’ll be Paid

How you can get Employed by NASA and how much you’ll be Paid

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was established by Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1958 as an independent agency for a civilian space program. It was also responsible for aeronautics and aerospace research. It was involved with many famous space explorations including Apollo Moon landing and the Shuttle Space. Currently, it is supporting the International Space Station which is located 330 kilometers above the surface of Earth.

The stature and exposure of this organization urge many space loving youngsters to pursue a professional career at NASA. It is not easy by any means and it can be verified by an example. 18300 applications were submitted and only 12 people were selected for the latest class. Although it is not an easy nut to crack, the well-managed system of NASA allows you to understand the requirements and plan accordingly.

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Qualification and Physical Attributes

Firstly, you need to have a Bachelor’s degree in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics. Any professional experience holds more significance than a Master’s program. The size of your body should also be compatible with spaceship experiences. Hence, your height must lie somewhere between 5’2” to 6’3”. Then comes the medical fitness. The most common measure which determines this is the blood pressure of the applicant. It must not exceed 140/90 in a regular sitting position. Mental toughness is also measured through a series of rigorous interviews.

Training and Evaluation

If you clear the initial screening process, you qualify for a two-year training program. This makes you ready for encountering space. Donald Pettit, who is the oldest astronaut at NASA, said:

“It’s like getting a full four-year college degree compressed into two years. There are no summer breaks.”

Some common practices of this phase are as follows:

1. Trainees are put through a lot of SCUBA training because the environment underwater is pretty much similar to what you get in the vacuum of space.

2. A zero-gravity environment is experienced in jet planes through up and down rides. 40 flights a day can also come your way, so go prepared.

3. Get used to spacesuit so that you are comfortable while exploring the space in that. All your perceptions about this white suit are bound to change following this experience as Pettit said, “They’re hot and uncomfortable, and when you get out of them, you kind of slither out of them like a worm…like a slimy creature that just crawled out of a chrysalis.”

4. 25-meter pool of tread water and swimming for 10 minutes in it is what is in store for the trainees of NASA.

After knowing the selection process, you need to know the guidelines you must follow to give yourself a chance to obtain your dream job. There are many fields, other than astronauts, in NASA where you can get hired. Check the opportunities NASA offer and choose what suits you the MOST. You can get hired as an IT expert, medical expert or a writer. Make sure you are well-equipped in every aspect of your field.

Selecting the correct high school is also a key factor. The ones which have better STEM programs gives you better chances of achieving your milestone. Broaden your scope by indulging in all sorts of activities like sports, music bands and science club. Another way to increase your chances is to look for available internships with the Pathway Program. You can visit NASA’s website for getting detailed knowledge about all the openings. USAJOBS is another forum that can come in handy. You can browse and search for the positions that are available to see the post where you are the RIGHT candidate.

One of the most important questions that are linked to any job is the SALARY you will get. NASA offers a tremendous amount of money if you clear their entire procedure. For starting out astronauts, salaries range from $66000 to $144000 a year. The exact price depends on the qualification and experience of the candidate.

People from other fields also earn a handsome sum of money at NASA. An IT specialist can make over $117000 while a mechanical engineer makes $76000. Despite all this, employees of NASA have some disadvantages like they can’t accept any royalty or gift from anyone. Similarly, they cannot earn money by publishing books or giving speeches in public. Having said that, who needs all these options when you are getting well paid anyway.

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