Uranus Will Be Seen With The Naked Eye This Weekend

Uranus Will Be Seen With The Naked Eye This Weekend

Uranus will reach its closest point to Earth on October 19.

The distant Ice Giant will be on the opposite side of the Sun in our skies, phenomenon known as opposition. The planet will be just 2.7 billion kilometers away from Earth, compared to its most distant position of 3.2 billion kilometers.

Uranus reaches opposition October 19. It then lies directly opposite the Sun in our sky, so it remains visible all night. It also lies closest to Earth at opposition, rendering it as bright as possible. But the appearance of an outer planet changes slowly, and Uranus maintains its magnitude 5.7 peak throughout October. It will be at its highest position in the sky during opposition since February 1963 – Astronomy Magazine

This is not the only event this weekend!

The Orionids will peak on October 20, which is fortunately going to be a moonless night. Looking towards the Orion constellation, you could see about 10 to 15 meteors an hour.

Don’t forget! Your eyes take 20 minutes to adapt to the darkness.



Article references: IFL Science, Astronomy Magazine

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