Strongest Earthquake in a Century Strikes Mexico

Strongest Earthquake in a Century Strikes Mexico

An 8.2 magnitude earthquake shocked almost the entire country of Mexico

People have reported seeing strange lights in the sky around the area of the earthquake. At least 32 people are dead.

The strongest earthquake in over a century just erupted on the west coast of Mexico, causing a tsunami watch and killing dozens of people.

This video shows the incredible power of the earthquake. It could be felt in Mexico City, about 600 miles from the epicenter of the earthquake:

Highly dangerous tsunami waves are coming to the coast of Mexico and possibly other nearby countries. The warning extended through all of Mexico’s coast to Central America, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Panama, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Ecuador. – According to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center

This second video is showing the strange lights that appeared on the sky of Mexico City:

And the last video shows a building collapsing during the horrible earthquake:


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