How to get Motivated every Morning and keep it going for a Long time

How to get Motivated every Morning and keep it going for a Long time

Conor McGregor

Motivation is of immense importance to keep us going through with our hectic routines. Things that motivate may vary from person to person but one thing that remains constant is that ‘getting out of bed is hard’. The early morning hours of the morning are a great blessing. When you are up before the world, you have more time to prepare for the day. You get all the peace to analyze your goals and this is where motivation creeps inside your body. Adopting following habits can ensure that you wake up motivated every morning.

·         Get a Good Sleep

The first thing you need to do to feel motivated is to have a fresh body. Manage your sleeping hours properly so that a tired body is not restricting you from moving towards success. Dr. Michael Breus provided a general rule of thumb that you need a sleep of 7.5 hours every night. He said,

“Count back five 90-minute cycles or 7.5 hours. Each sleep cycle on average is 90 minutes long and the average person has five of them per night.”

Give your body these hours to rest and you will be raring to go each morning.

·         Don’t Snooze

Snoozing for 15 minutes extra can spoil your entire day. It not only affects your health but also dents your motivation for the day. The focal point here is that your sleep cycle restarts as you go on for a snooze.  Alan Henry told that,

“After you hit snooze and drift off, your brain starts its sleep cycle all over again. When the alarm goes off a second time, you’re likely at an even deeper, earlier part of your sleep cycle, which results in you feeling even worse than you did the first time.”

·         Don’t Announce your Plans to Everyone

Keep all your amazing intentions inside you. Publicizing them can backfire more often than not. The major reason for that is the positive feedback you might receive from your friends and family. The role of social media is pretty vital in this regard as the race of likes and comments is on all the time. All this praise makes you think that you have achieved a lot and this sabotages the motivation of your brain. Hence, hold onto your excitement and break the news once you have achieved the milestone you were looking for.

·         Define your Goal

Setting your eyes on achieving a goal keeps you motivated as you strive to achieve that. If there is no goal at all in your life, it is literally impossible for you to be motivated. The size of a goal is irrelevant as long as it matters to you the most. Be passionate about it and you will see that all the problems like waking up early in the morning will become a tale of the past. Hence, set a goal, stay determined, and see how motivation drags you all the way to glory.

·         Celebrate your Wins and Be Satisfied

Little wins might not bring you much benefit in terms of money, fame or, success but they can be great morale boosters. They help you to develop positive habits which will lead to you bigger wins. Another thing that is important is to stay satisfied with your achievements. Don’t look negatively at people who have achieved more than you because you will always find those who are above you. As soon as you accept this fact that there are smarter people around you, your mind feels free to explore. Then, the only thing you care about is your own work and this is what keeps your motivation high all the time.

·         Follow your Passion

Nothing could be better than making your passion, your profession. This is probably the best motivating factor you could ask for. Enjoying your work every day is the ultimate goal, a man wants to achieve as success dwells at the fulcrum of passion and excellence. The only worry in this regard is to make sure that your passion has some financial benefits as well. It might not be your foremost priority but money does count for your survival in the society. Adopt a financially viable passion for your profession and motivation will never be a problem.

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