Get ready! Few days left for the Super Blood Blue Moon

Get ready! Few days left for the Super Blood Blue Moon

Few days left until Sky watchers and stargazers would be in the quest for Super Blood Blue Moon.

It happens when full moon occurs two times in the same month. Firstly full moon is on the perigee which is when it is nearest to the earth in its orbit. Secondly, it goes through a lunar eclipse where earth casts a shadow on the moon and make it look pale red or yellowish.

According to NASA’s report, on Jan 1 Moon was full and similarly, the next full moon will be on the night of 31st Jan or 1st Feb morning. On 30th Jan, when the moon will be only one day behind to reach its full peak dimension, Supermoon will occur. Not everyone on would be able to observe the eventon 31st Jan. Some countries will experience it on Feb 1st which includes Australian and east eastern countries.

As of the saying, “Once in Blue moon” occurrence of blue moon is not very rare as it appears every 2.7 years. 


Blue, super and Blood moon

Supermoon will be the most awaited event for which everyone is waiting for. It will be closest to earth only at a distance of 358,994 kilometers away from Earth. When a Supermoon occurs, it appears slightly bigger in size than the normal full moon.

The lunar eclipse will also occur simultaneously when the moon will be having its fullness. It won’t be visible from every place on Earth but some others will be able to observe it throughout the night of 31st Jan.

To observe these triple types of the moon in New York, you have to set your time at 5:51 am on 31st Jan. It will be a time when the moon will enter the penumbra region of the earth. The penumbra will cause a slight shadow on the moon which will make it appear slightly darker than normal. Then the Moon will enter Umbra region, which it will be completely darkened by the Earth’s shadow and it will start to give a reddish or dark look. It will be fine to observe with the naked eye and won’t require any protection to stare it as you would need in a Solar Eclipse.

People on the Pacific areas will able to observe the whole scene from start until the end. At 11:07 pm, our satellite will be on the conflicting side of Umbra and on 1st Feb, at 12:11 am, it will reenter the penumbra region. Countries on the East Asian and Australian regions will also able to the view entirely. They will observe a mirror of reflecting the picture of the Super Blood blue moon, of what is being seen in the American region. This happens because the eclipse stars even before the Moon rises.

In Morocco the view will be more considerable then rest of the countries. They can observe full dark and red super moon around 6:07 pm.

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