Google removes the Secure Marker on the websites using an Encrypted Connection

Google removes the Secure Marker on the websites using an Encrypted Connection

You must update your website to HTTPS as soon as possible as Google plans to mark all websites as unsecure.

Browsing through the internet has become a core necessity in life. It is hard to imagine the fast-paced life cycle without it today. Need to work on your history assignment? Google it. I wonder what’s the weather like in Detroit? Google it. Who serves the best sushi in town? Google it. Everything we require ourselves to be aware of, Google comes to the rescue. Undoubtedly internet has become an essential ingredient in our rapid progressing lives but a question arises. Does internet always bring a positive influence on the users? Well, like everything else in the world it has its pros and cons. The biggest con is the issue of being secure.

We browse through a lot of data on the internet in order to spot the information we need. In order to do so, we visit numerous websites but are they always secure? We log in to our accounts and diverse websites not knowing whether they are safe or not. Many of the websites are either false or invalid. Security is an issue which is never fully resolved by our browsing companies. At times, we incline to give out personal information on websites which are not secure at all. This in result can damage our personal identity or company’s personality.

There is always a chance that some hacker or computer jock is behind his screen accessing rather personal information and private data. Definitely, when the subject of security is discussed no vulnerable situations can be overlooked. The issue of security has always been a rather important priority of the web browser community.

User satisfaction is one of the foremost precedences of this community. Google as an association has always worked for user satisfaction. They have continuously kept up-to-date with their consumer requirements and needs. Google Chrome was developed in 2008 and since then 67 updates have had taken place. They have improved their speed, user interface, stability, security, and privacy. Initially, chrome was established for Microsoft Windows but later on ported to Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android. With each of the formations, chrome had to deliver astonishing results.

Chrome has added a lot of improvements on the matter of security. In the recent years, chrome has played around with web content settings, malware protection, and managing SSL certificates. As the world is blessed with the internet there are always some black sheep looking for loopholes and glitches in systems to take advantage of. These individuals or companies with their treacherous actions have forced the hands of browsing companies to improve their security.

As the advances went by, Chrome developed a certain scheme to help its users to get aware of the web pages that are not secure or are easy to hack. Chrome came up with a system of using symbols to warn its clients about a certain website. When you browse a certain website on Google Chrome 68 you see a padlock symbol assuring that this website is secure or in case of an unsecured web page a red triangle with an exclamation mark will be shown. This is the current system chrome is following.

Although Google Chrome 68 seems to be working quite efficiently, yet the chrome community has decided to update this arrangement of security by taking it a step further. In the upcoming chrome update, all HTTP websites will be marked not secure and unsafe. This certain rule is being applied on the upcoming Chrome 69 update available in July 2018 therefore, websites have been requested to transform themselves to HTTPS web pages.

Chrome has no doubt strived to make their browser up to the mark with these updates but that’s not all chrome intend to do on this issue. It is confirmed that another upcoming update will be launched named as Chrome 70. According to the Google community, it is not enough for our users to deal with the fact that this website is secure or not, the website should be secure by default. This will ensure that if we type into a website that isn’t secure a pop-up window would be displayed warning us about a certain website. Chrome tends to deliver higher standards of security with this update by September 2018.

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