What Would Happen if Earth Stopped Spinning?

What Would Happen if Earth Stopped Spinning?


Even if we are not always aware of this, we are on a planet spinning on its axis at a speed of 1670 km / h and we don’t really feel it everyday.

Our planet, except spinning on itself with this speed, is rotating around the Sun. But also, our Solar System spins around the center of Milky Way Galaxy, which finally rotates around the center of the universe.

But what would happen if the earth would stop suddenly? People will have a terrible death.

We will spin at a supersonic speed of 1670 km / h and fly through the air in all directions, like bullets. If someone in an absurd way could survive this unimaginable phenomenon, would not be able to continue living because of the extremely weather on our planet. Sudden stop of the rotation of the earth causes big variations of temperature and powerful winds that our body is not prepared to endure.


Beside that, there would be some other terrible consequences for the globe.

The planet would suffer other physical changes such as loss of magnetic poles and changing shape. Think that oceans would flood almost everywhere on land and we would not have a place to take refuge.

There wouldn’t be night and day.

Meaning that half of the planet will be cold, while the other one will be heated by sunlight. But do not forget, this change would be present for six months because the Earth will keep moving around the Sun, resulting that we will have six months of light on a half of the planet, while the other half should be in darkness(the process reverses after 6 months).

Even if these scenarios seem detached from Sci-Fi Movies, NASA specialists ensure that no such thing will happen in the next billion years. You can also watch THIS VIDEO to understand more of this phenomenon.

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