On Mars It’s Snowing Every Night

On Mars It’s Snowing Every Night

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It’s Snowing On Mars!

A team of researchers at the National Science Research Center in Paris has conducted a study that provides unexpected details about the Red Planet.

The discovery indicates that on Mars is snowing every night. Surely the snow here does not resemble what we can see on Earth every winter.

This snowstorm is very short and looks more like a frozen rain.

The atmosphere of the planet is very thin, the planet not being thermally insulated. At night the temperature drops to -125 degrees Celsius on ​​the poles, bringing the clouds to an altitude of 1-2 kilometers only, otherwise the snow would evaporate until it reach the ground.

How do clouds appear?

The clouds create due to the fact that the daylight and the temperature on the surface of the planet grow and manage to evaporate the water, forming these low-pressure clouds.

At night, however, at very low temperatures, the clouds crystallize very quickly, creating snow storms, which actually look more like a rain of ice crystals.

Most of them reach the ground, but the rest evaporate. This phenomenon is very hard to notice even by robots from the surface of the red planet. Until now only Mars Phoenix has detected these ice rains.

It has been known that on Mars, in the area of ​​the poles were discovered larger caps than Greenland. Unfortunately, the ice is not made of water, but of frozen carbon dioxide.

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