Hydrogen Becomes A Potential Source of Energy

Hydrogen Becomes A Potential Source of Energy

An unusual reaction could revolutionize the entire fuel industry.

Scientists at the US Army Aberdeen Proving Ground Research Laboratory have been able to create an alloy that has a very interesting function. The water poured on its surface begins to boil and finally can produce hydrogen gas.

Usually, aluminum exposed to water oxidises and creates a protective barrier to prevent other eventual reactions. The hydrogen-powered reaction continued, demonstrating the possibility of a cheap and portable hydrogen source. -Science Alert

This breakthrough is likely to relaunch the entire hydrogen fuel industry.

This this simple reaction between aluminum and water could be a sustainable source of energy at a global scale. Until now, hydrogen production by using aluminum water had a complicated process: in the past it required some catalysts and a very high temperature, but now, the whole process takes less than three minutes, the efficiency being almost 100%.

With the new alloy, H can be produced anytime without any need of special pressurized transport or containers. It is a material that does not degrade with the passage of time. The whole process is based on aluminum, the cheapest and most common alloy in the world.

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