Indoctrinating children to embrace violence

Indoctrinating children to embrace violence


Violence is here from the beginning of the history and it lasts even nowadays

But why? Because we grow our children like that. We buy them toy guns, armors and all kind of stuff that affect child’s subconscious. There are many studies made that show how children are under influence of violence and war and they develop an instinct for attacking others or to rob.

If you have kids, we are sure you buy at least once a toy gun for them. You can see these primal instincts in their behavior. But why not promoting other type of toys instead of armors and guns? Is it true that it is in our blood to attack each other?

Belive or not, but the world has been at peace for only 8% of recorded history and the number of people who died in wars exceeds 100 milions. Can you belive that?

Why can’t we just be at peace and not fight each other for power? Because everyone tends to have more and more power everyday, to get rich and to have more than others. Look at these countries that are fighting each other everyday for the supremacy all because they were raised like that. We should stop promoting all kind of toys that lead to violence in the future and focus on peace and nature. Why should anyone spend trilions of dollars to distroy another country and not making our world a better place that we found?

You see everyday how many crimes and robberies happen, all because we allow our children since they are young to watch action movies where violence is found. But it isn’t the only reason. Children have the example of their parents and  in 75% of cases they follow their parent’s actions.

At the age of 12, the kid can develop his own mentality and begin to think different. They also can take their own decisions.

Here’s a quote from The New York Times:

Combinations of genes can predispose a person to violence. However, aggression is a product of biology and environment. In America, sources of aggressive dispositions include domestic violence, the portrayal of violence in the media, threats from enemies, and combat training.



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