Innocent Games can Lead to Unimaginable Results

Innocent Games can Lead to Unimaginable Results

Innocent Games can Lead to Unimaginable Results
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Competition has always been a central component of humans since the start of civilization. A little friendly competition never hurts but sometimes it does spiral out of control. The following is a list of some innocent games that ended up with unexpected, and violent results.

Stabbed Over a Virtual Sword

Stabbed Over a Virtual Sword - Innocent Games

The world of online gaming is usually filled with virtual danger that you deal with in-game. However, the effects of gaming, positive and negative, can seep out into the real world. In 2005, a Chinese gamer (Zhu Caoyuan) was stabbed in the chest for selling a virtual sword.

Certain online games have virtual items that are worth well over thousands of dollars. Qiu Chengwei, a player of The Legend of Mir 3, unlocked an extremely rare sword and lent it to Caoyuan. He ended up selling the item for $871. Seeking vengeance, Qiu went to Zhu’s house and stabbed him in the heart. Qiu was given a death sentence for the murder.

Gamer Couple Lets Their Child Starve to Death

Gamer Couple Lets Their Child Starve to Death - Innocent Games

Video games can often be addicting, but some people take it to a whole different level. In 2010, a South Korean couple starved their child to death while being addicted to an online fantasy role-playing game. Ironically, the couple was raising a virtual child named Anima in the game.

The couple spent hours and hours in the game and only fed the child once a day. While the parents stared into a computer screen until their eyes were bloodshot, the child slowly starved to death. One of those times, they saw the infant had simply stopped breathing. The couple was arrested after the baby was discovered by the police.

The Cannibal Game

The Cannibal Game - Innocent Games

Chess is one of the most innocent games one can imagine. Having said that, it was involved in such a horrific incident that could leave you in a complete shock. Saverio Bellante was Italian; Tom O’Gorman was Scottish. One of them had a room for rent, and the other had a taste for human flesh. Bellante savagely murdered O’Gorman when they got into an argument over a game of chess.

According to the investigation, Bellante admitted the killing of O’Gorman. He proceeded with cutting open his chest. Upon arriving on the grisly scene, O’Gorman was missing part of one of his lungs. Bellante, waiting patiently for the police, was arrested immediately. At his trial, he spoke only three chilling words: “I am guilty”. He was sentenced within five minutes over what could’ve been an innocent game.

A Board Game Killed Half a Million

A Board Game Killed Half a Million

The Han Dynasty was a tumultuous time in Chinese history. The country was expanding its borders faster than ever and needed to form subordinate kingdoms. This was important to keep the people in check. Unfortunately, political turmoil led to arguments among the smaller kingdoms. One of the few times the kingdoms came together, in fact, was the result of a single accident.

Liu Xian, the son of Wu king Liu Pi, visited the national capital.  During his visit, he played a board game called ‘bo’ with the emperor’s son, Prince Qi. The Prince became enraged while playing and threw the board at Liu Xian’s head, killing him on the spot. Seeking revenge for his son, Liu Pi rallied troops from six kingdoms and the war started. The fight lasted for three months and nearly every soldier died.

The Antarctic Chess Murder

The Antarctic Chess Murder

The Soviet Union began sending scientific expeditions to Antarctica in 1955. From then until the nation’s eventual dissolution in 1991, a total of 36 teams trudged into the frigid wasteland. Life on a desolate Antarctic research station is notoriously difficult, but sometimes the isolation really gets under your skin.

In 1959, during a chess game, a Soviet researcher attacked his opponent with an axe and dismembered him. This is one of the reasons why Soviet banned their cosmonauts from playing chess in space. After all, no one wants to die in a place where no one can hear you scream. Similarly, there is no point in wasting your life over a harmless game of chess.

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