Is it a good idea to start a vlog?

Is it a good idea to start a vlog?

A vlog can help you earn $1000 per month.

Vlog refers to videos that are posted on a regular basis on a video sharing platform. Just like conventional blogs, these videos can be about anything from cooking to fashion and from travel to comedy. It began as a hobby and a way to kill your spare time but like many things it has come a long way. It has developed into a massive industry and you can make an impressive career out of it if you have the right ingredients. Reaching out to maximum people is the most important thing in any personal setup and this is the major reason behind its magnificent success. You can watch a vlog on any device, at any time, and literally anywhere. The constraint of staying close to the television goes out of the window and entertainment is served to you on a platter.

Many vloggers have adapted this hobby as their full-time living and a successful one at that. Having said that, you are not going to make millions the very first month of your experience. Keep patience and work honestly and you will start earning well in a short span of time. YouTube is the most popular forum used by vloggers as it provides the maximum potential audience. Before starting your career as a vlogger, you must have the in-depth knowledge about the entire procedure so that you set much more realistic goals to achieve self-satisfaction.

Firstly, the CPM (per thousand click rates) are simply too low. You need to have a lot of subscribers and regular viewers to ensure that you make a significant sum every month through the views on your videos. For example, FunToyzCollector is a YouTube channel that made $4.9 million in 2014. Reading these cases might motivate you to step in this industry for seeking huge amounts of cash but this is an extraordinary example as the number of views of that channel during 2014 was around 8 billion. The major share of your income comes from the Google Ads. These are the promotional ads provided to you by Google that you place on your videos. YouTube takes 45% of the earning received through this medium so making realistic assumptions is a compulsion as a beginner.

You might be getting a bit disappointed so here is the Good News. Earning through vlogs is not limited to YouTube as there are many other ways of making money and getting other benefits. Following is a list of them.

·         Merchandise

This is the best way to use your hardcore fan base. A lot of vloggers are making T-shirts, caps and other articles for merchandise. Most of these items sell pretty quickly as you promote them to your fans and they can’t refuse the offer of their Star.

·      Amazon Affiliate Marketing

As a vlogger, you require certain products to create your videos. This is where you can make your publicity count and make good cash by promoting those products on behalf of the manufacturers and earn your commission. This is the method that gives you a handful amount of money to keep your life running alongside making videos. All you need to do is to find an Amazon Affiliate Program and you are good to go. Recommend the products to your viewers in your amazing videos and earn. The example of Olga Kay will help you to understand in a much better way. She was given a car and gasoline for a year by Ford on the condition that she was supposed to show that once a month in her videos.


Due to the ever-increasing popularity of Vlogging, niche vloggers are becoming more and more prominent. They are the Best agents for publicizing the product or service of a related business. For example, nothing could be better than a vlogger, who travels around the world, promoting a traveling company. Similarly, promotion of video games through a gamer vlogger will surely help to increase your sales. All these companies willingly invest in your videos and can provide you various options. For example, a traveling company might pay, for your trip or stay in a hotel.

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