NASA’s new Mars rover concept vehicle

NASA’s new Mars rover concept vehicle

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The new Mars Rover concept looks like Batmobile

Automakers from around the world are trying each year to build the best concepts that can surprise everyone.

This year Parker Brothers Concepts, in partnership with NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex, has built a six-wheeled built to meet the challenges of exploring the surface of the Red Planet.

This concept rover will be traveling the country this summer as part of NASA and the Kennedy Space Centre’s ‘Summer of Mars’ educational event.

Even the vehicle has 5,000 pounds (2.27 tonnes) and 28 feet long (8.5 metres), its max speed is 112 km/h (~70mph).

“It actually separates in the middle. The rear section is a full lab, the front area is a cockpit for going out and doing scouting“ says Marc Parker, one of the rover’s creators.

People are already excited about the new rover. Even if they don’t know yet if the machine is going to be used for Mars explorations, meanwhile they’ve found a purpose: “We’re also filming for a reality television series that’s going to be coming out about this build” said Parker.

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