Mysterious Disappearing and Reappearing of People

Mysterious Disappearing and Reappearing of People

Mysterious Disappearing and Reappearing of People
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Over the course of time, people have seemingly disappeared into thin air, never to be seen again. No explanations are ever given of their disappearing as their existence just fades away. However, there have also been many cases of people disappearing in the most mysterious of circumstances, only to reappear. Below is a list of some of these bizarre cases.   

Brenda Heist— ‘Just Snapped’ One Day in A Park

Brenda Heist - Disappearing

In 2002, while going through a divorce, Brenda Heist (A Pennsylvania resident) simply walked away from all her problems and disappeared without a trace. She left behind her two children, aged twelve and eight. After 8 years of investigations, she was declared legally dead in 2010. During the process, her husband was charged and later cleared.

Three years after her legal death, she decided to reappear. The reports of her reappearing came from a Florida police station. Talking about her disappearing, she claimed that she went to Florida with three strangers. That journey made her a drug addict and she spent all these years living on the streets. By 2013, Brenda (using the alias Kelsie Lyanne Smith) realized that she’d made a dreadful mistake. She tried to reestablish contact with her family but was not accepted.

Philip Sessarego—Lived Out SAS Fantasy

Philip Sessarego - Disappearing

The case of Philip Sessarego isn’t the most mysterious one, but it is most definitely intriguing. Basically, he wanted to join the elite Special Air Service (SAS) but was denied. This had a serious psychological impact on Philip as confirmed by his daughter. She mentioned that her father entered a “fantasy state” after facing rejection. He started dressing up as a SAS officer and would visit the establishment alongside other SAS members.

In 2000, an intriguing book appeared on the New York Time’s bestseller list titled: Jihad! The Secret War in Afghanistan. It was authored by a strange person named Tom Carew. He became a regular headline following the 9/11 attacks. The more he appeared in public, the more his claims began to unravel. The issue became so serious that SAS soldiers would essentially accuse Carew of being a fraud. Later on, it was discovered that Carew was actually Philip Sessarego.

William Bates—No Memory of His Previous Life

William Bates - Disappearing

This is one of the strangest disappearances which was followed by an even stranger reappearance in 1912. Dr. William Horatio Bates left a short note for his wife stating that he was “called out of town to some major operations” and that he was “glad to get so much money for us all.” Furthermore, he said, “write details later.” And with that, he was gone.

The fact that Bates was already quite wealthy made this case even more curious. If that’s not odd enough, he reappeared and seemed to be suffering from malnutrition. He was unable to recognize Mrs. Bates but agreed to stay with her so that his memory might return. Initially, all appeared well. He recalled being asked to set sail from New York several weeks earlier and operating on a patient with a brain abscess. However, only two days later, he left the hotel and disappeared once again.

Tanya Kach—Only A Few Miles from Home for A Decade

Tanya Kach

14-year-old Tanya Kach disappeared from Pennsylvania in 1996. It was assumed that she ran away but it didn’t turn out to be true. She was found a decade later and told that she was held prisoner by a guard. The guard somehow convinced her to run from middle school and abused her for the next ten years.

After four years of imprisonment, Kach was allowed to leave his house under a new name. In 2006, she sought help by telling her situation to the owner of a deli, whom she’d become friends with. Following that, the guard was arrested, charged, and eventually imprisoned. Kach was reunited with her family.

Amber Smith—Discovered in a Place Previously Searched

Amber Smith

The disappearing of two-year-old Amber Rose was actually bizarre. Although she was gone for only a day, it was quite mysterious. According to her father, the young girl was playing happily at their home on October 8, 2013. He went to another room of the house for a short while. When he came back, he found that she was no longer there.

A full-scale search was launched immediately. The scrutiny carried out by hundreds of people yielded no results. It seemed as if she had just vanished. The next day, Rose was found just a few miles from her home. She seemed to have reappeared in a location that was searched before.

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