NASA is going to create the Coldest Place in the Universe

NASA is going to create the Coldest Place in the Universe

The coldest place in the universe might unveil the mysteries of Gravity and Dark Energy.

Antarctica. The iciest place in this world having the lowest temperature between -80°C to -85°C. To subsist in such an extreme weather certain precautions are to be taken. Humans require specific environmental and atmospheric conditions to survive on this planet thus Antarctica is not inhabited. The only populace that visits such environment is those who are researching or tourists. Research is something that provokes mankind way beyond their comfort zone. Perfect examples of such work include landing of Neil Armstrong on the moon and the theory of evolution. Another beyond comfort zone achievement was to climb the Mount Everest. Yes, they may count as accomplishments but why did these events take place? Research.

Exploring a specific object and to attaining knowledge about the subject as well as testing it to know more about the body involved are all components of research. Scientists tend to go all out with their hunger to obtain knowledge on a specific matter. An example that we all are familiar with and fail to recognize is of Albert Einstein. It takes us merely few seconds to write down E=mc² but it amazes us and makes it difficult to absorb that it took a genius like Einstein 10 years to attain this equation. The concept of experimenting with controlled temperature is common amongst scientists to provide them with the information they need. The controlled temperature may be a requirement for keeping the state of an element stationery or the reason may vary for other tests.

Celestial space is a subject that has constantly been an ongoing research project. Whether it may be a study of stars, planets, the discovery of a new comets, deviations in the Milky Way, or acknowledging its diversity. From discovering lunar mountains and craters on the moon to the annihilation of Pluto, understanding how the interplanetary space functions have never been an easy journey for the experts at work. Space itself is hard to contain under one classification as it is so immense. Therefore, one way to categorize elements in space is to discriminate according to the temperature. The hottest temperature present in the universe is definitely the core of the sun which can reach more than 27 million degrees Fahrenheit and you thought Hawaii was the hellfire.

Conferred by research, the existing place that has been recorded to be the chilliest zone in the universe is Boomerang Nebula, a protoplanetary nebula. Its temperature decreases as low as -458 degrees Fahrenheit. The Red Giant nebula was plunged by a small companion star which shook it to its core. Due to this collision, most of its matter was ejected as an ultra-cold discharge of dust and gas was observed in the process.

This rapid expansion of gas led it to endure such an unfortunate temperature. Upon the discovery of Boomerang Nebula, scientists began to contemplate the possibilities that can be attained by working with such temperature. The initial idea began to form and NASA soon enough grabbed the opportunity. After working on the idea for several years NASA has decided to launch a rocket to achieve their vision.

NASA is in the process of creating the coldest place in the universe. They are expected to fly an ice cooler-sized chest up to the International Space Station. This chest will be created in a way that it would be 100 times cooler than the depths of the space itself. This box will comprise a range of technologies that will be used to cancel out any energy of the gas particles inside it. By the use of a vacuum chamber, lasers, and an electromagnetic knife, the speed of particles will be slowed down to the point where they can barely move. This will result in forming a temperature which will be just a billionth of a degree above Absolute Zero, which is defined as the lowest theoretically possible temperature. This state’s temperature is around -459.67-degree Fahrenheit and motion of the particles would be nominal, much like chest discussed.

The box under discussion is known as the Cold Atom Laboratory. This over the top research will help in the understanding of matter and the fundamental nature of gravity. Additionally, it will also expand the present recognition of dark energy.

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