Personalities like Jesus in Different Religions

Personalities like Jesus in Different Religions

There are numerous religions in this world. Despite that, you get a large number of atheists. One of the biggest religion on the face of this planet is Christianity. Followers of this religion believe that Jesus is the son of the God who was sent to preach the righteous deeds to the people of the world. He was bestowed with remarkable powers that he used to convince and persuade people. Many miracles are associated with him and arguably, the most popular one among them is that he could bring people back to life after their death. According to different religions, people with similar traits have existed even before the Jesus. Similar miracles, traits, and life incidents are used for supporting this claim. Following is a list that covers some of those personalities.

·         Phrygia’s Attis

He was resurrected after three days of his death and that is the reason why he is compared to Jesus. The date of his birth is also given as 25th December and he was born to a virgin called Nana. According to his worshippers, he was sacrificed for the survival of mankind as he was crucified on a tree on ‘Black Friday’. The Earth became full of life as his blood made contact with it.

·         Buddha

The first similarity between him and the Jesus is their age of going to their respective temples. Similarly, fasting in solitude is another commonality. Jesus fasted for 40 days while Buddha kept fasting for 47 days. Jesus was about 30 years old when he announced his ministry in public while Buddha did the same at the age of 29. Temptations from Satan were offered to both of them so that they should halt their prosperous efforts but they remained steadfast and determined to the cause that was assigned to them.

·         Zoroaster

Another miracle that is associated with Jesus is that he could restore the sight of blind people. It is believed that Zoroaster also has these powers. He also started his ministry at the age of 30 and was blessed with the abilities to control water, fire, and wind. He guided people to the existence of heaven and hell. Similarly, he revealed concepts like apocalypse, resurrection, judgment, and salvation.

·         Heracles

According to Greek mythology, Heracles was the son of Zeus, a god. He resembles Jesus in many ways. The first of them is that efforts were made to kill him as an infant. Hera sent two serpents after him but Heracles strangled both of them and survived. It is very similar to Herod’s attempt killing Jesus as he ordered the slaughter of all newborn male babies at that time. Heracles body was never found and it was believed that God has taken him. This is the very theory that is linked with Jesus.

·         Krishna

According to the beliefs of Bhagavata Purana, it is believed that Krishna was born without any sexual interaction. The purpose of his arrival to Earth was also to bring good to the people. His adoptive father was also a carpenter just like Jesus. Krishna was titled ‘the Lion of the tribe of Saki’ while Jesus was called ‘the Lion of the tribe of Judah’. One of the major similarity is that the dictators of both times issued orders to kill them as babies. Both of them has a lot of common miracles like healing disease. He had selected his disciples to spread the righteous teachings. Both of them were criticized for having links to sinners and forgave their enemies. Lastly, both of them were crucified and were resurrected.

·         Horus

His birth is linked to the morning star, Sirius, as he was born of a virgin as well. Having said that, ancient Egyptian theories claim that he had no birth date as he was not human. Herut tried to murder him during infancy. He was saved in the same way as associated with Jesus. The only difference is that the message of God came to Jesus’s father while in case of Horus, it came to his mother. At the time of ministry, he was also 30 years old. A lot of his miracles are similar to Jesus. He healed the sick, gave sight to the blind, and walked on water. He was also resurrected three days after being crucified.

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