The problem of China’s pollution could be solved by smog-consuming bicycles

The problem of China’s pollution could be solved by smog-consuming bicycles

Credit: Studio Roosegaarde
Credit: Studio Roosegaarde

Solving the problem comes from a source that no one expected: Bicycles that produce clean air

In China, a bicycle is a vehicle that has long been used, but especially when  the population has realized how serious the pollution problem is in its own country. The number of cyclists grows gracefully everyday and that’s a good sign.

Daan Roosegaarde, an inventor from Netherlands, thought he could find the solution in this and he invented a new type of bicycle.

Three years ago, his company, Studio Roosegaarde, launched the Smog Free project. This project was originated when the inventor visited Beijing and noticed the negative impact of the pollution. Daan says ‘in some days, the other side of the road was not visible‘.

The smoke-absorbing bicycle that removes fresh air instead could be a revolutionary invention that could be used with succes in all corners of the world.

After launching the Smog Absorption tower, Roosegaarde accedes to use the same mechanism on bicycles. The mechanism is based on a positive ionization process for the capture of extremely small dust particles from which smog is formed. Positively charged particles will be  attracted to a negative surface inside the tower.

The smog elimination process works by combining pedaling with a small solar panel. Currently the project is at the beginning, but the company hopes to evolve as much as possible in a short time.

Beijing - Pollution today
Beijing – Pollution today

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