Why we should Replace our Vehicles with Electric ones?

Why we should Replace our Vehicles with Electric ones?

Tesla Model S – Electric Car

Electric cars are becoming more and more popular among people due to numerous factors. The drawbacks that were associated with them like high cost, limited range and performance issues are fading away as the technology continues to improve. Due to these latest advancements, companies like Volvo are showing their interest in developing electric cars.

It was a common perception, a few years ago, that these cars could only be afforded by the elite class. But, things are changing now. Even luxury cars like Tesla are providing more affordable features for the clients. If you have still doubts in your mind, don’t worry. All of them will be cleared through the following list.

Environmental Benefits

Electric cars are much more environmentally friendly than the gasoline ones. They emit absolutely nothing that is harmful to nature. Therefore, we can get cleaner air by using them. Breathing this air will be safer for humans and a lot of respiratory diseases could be avoided. As the concentration of greenhouse gases will decrease significantly in the atmosphere, ozone layer can protect us for longer periods of time. This could be a positive step in tackling the alarming effects of global warming.

Less Cost

Keeping an electric car is cost effective than a conventional car. There are different ways in which money could be saved. Prices of electric cars are going down or staying the same, every year. The operating cost of a car is the most vital factor while choosing a car to buy. Electric cars are very economical in this regard. You don’t need to spend continuously for refilling the gas. There are no oil changes and fewer parts are needed to be replaced as a result of wear and tear. Hence, you can save a lot of cash as you might not need any service of an electric car for years.

Saves Time

They can save a lot of your precious time that is being wasted right now as you stand in the queue of a gas-filling station. As they have to be charged electrically, you can do that at home, office, or at an opportunity charge at the road. Put it on charge when you reach your home from the office and it will be ready to go the next morning. In this way, your car is being re-filled in your spare time without any special effort. Compare it to your electronic devices like laptops and mobiles. Would you prefer to charge them the way it is done or to take them to a charging station after a short while?

Charging an electric car

Low Maintenance is Needed

The maintenance of an electric car is nearly negligible if you compare it with a traditional vehicle. It has fewer parts to take care of and all the transmission failures go out of the window with an electric car. There are two major areas that may require servicing with time. The biggest concern is the battery of the car as it is the main component of this amazing invention. Most of the models that are available in the market give you an 8 year/100K mile warranty. In ideal cases, a battery can survive to up to 15 years. Secondly, the brakes are still there so they may wear out. But, according to experimental observations, the rate of wearing out of brakes is less in electric cars.

High-Performance Vehicles

Electric cars provide astonishing performance due to their high torque power. The acceleration of an electric car is so smooth and quick that the people who drive them said that the vehicles we traditionally use are clumsy and heavy. Similarly, the standards of comfort are world-class. On all these grounds, it can be concluded that driving an electric car is an out-and-out pleasure.

No Noise Inside or Outside

Noise pollution generated by traffic has reached extreme levels in the recent past. Electric cars are the solution to this problem. The designing of these cars has been done in a way to make them noise-free. The only noise produced is when you press the accelerator for the first time. Even, its amplitude is too low to be heard in traffic of big cities. Considering this outstanding feature, it can be said that the use of electric cars will bring peace and serenity to the world.

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