Strange Fluid with Negative Mass could Dominate the Universe

Strange Fluid with Negative Mass could Dominate the Universe

A unified dark fluid of negative masses could be spread everywhere in the universe.

According to an estimate of scientists, there are billion trillion stars in the universe. Despite that, all the matter that we can see accounts for only 5% of the universe. An invisible form of matter named as ‘Dark Matter’ (alongside Dark Energy) makes up the remaining 95%. Both these dark substances are theorized solely on the basis of their gravitational effects. Dark Energy refers to a repulsive force which is causing the universe to expand at an accelerated rate. On the other hand, Dark Matter exerts a gravitational force on the surrounding matter which can be measured. Generally, they are treated as two individual entities but a recent study suggests that both of them could well belong to a single ‘Dark Fluid’ of negative masses.

The idea of negative masses is not new. Cosmologists have believed it for quite some time now that the expansion of the universe will spread out the negative mass particles, just like normal matter. Some of them claimed that it is the negative energy of these particles which is causing all this expansion. Having said that, the fact that the force driving the expansion of our universe stays constant (most of the times) urged the researchers to abandon this idea. Therefore, the intensity of this dark force must stay the same with the passage of time.

The latest research proposes a modification to the Theory of General Relativity to allow the existence of negative masses. In addition to that, this new theory allows the continuous creation of the negative matter. The Steady State Model, which was presented as an alternative theory to the Big Bang, explains the idea of ‘Matter Creation’. It proposed that positive matter is being created continuously with the expansion of the universe. However, this idea was later neglected on the basis of observational evidence. The researchers involved in the latest theory claim that humanity has found nothing conclusive to suggest that the negative mass cannot be created continuously. Consequently, it behaves exactly like Dark Energy.

The study also showed that the repulsive force of the strange fluid prevents a spinning galaxy from flying apart. The gravity from the positive mass attracts the surrounding negative matter which allows the galaxy to spin safely at higher speeds. The repulsive force of the negative mass plays a vital role in this mechanism. All these factors give the impression that the application of a minus sign can solve one of the longest standing problems in Physics. All this may seem a bit too much for you to believe but a closer look indicates that negative mass is completely possible.

Researchers hope that this new finding will help them to solve a number of problems in modern Physics. For instance, it supports the idea of ‘String Theory’, which is humanity’s best hope of uniting Quantum Physics with Einstein’s Theory of Cosmos. A lot of observational evidence has gone against this important theory but the idea of negative mass dark fluid seems to support it. Similarly, the theory could enable scientists to measure the expansion rate of the universe. Currently, the Hubble-Lemaitre Law is used for this calculation. The Hubble Constant is used to set up a relation between the speed and distance of a galaxy but significant variations in its value have led to a cosmological crisis. Having said that, the concept of negative mass cosmology provides mathematical proof to indicate these variations.

Albert Einstein, the man who presented the idea of Cosmology for the first time, considered the existence of negative masses and that’s the reason why he predicted that his Theory of General Relativity might need some modifications to cater these energies. The solutions offered by this idea will surely intrigue scientists to research more about this theory and this out-of-the-box thinking might end up with something truly amazing. The continuous accumulation of evidence has reached a point where this unusual possibility should be considered by all parts of the scientific community. The researchers involved in this study plan to use the data from the largest telescope (Square Kilometer Array) ever built to figure out whether negative masses actually exist or not.

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  1. The concept was previously presented in ‘The Evolutioning of Creation: Volume 2’, as ‘negative mass density’ as copyrighted in 2011. As the predominant condition of the universe is combination of dark matter and dark energy (i.e., massless matter and energy), then the existence of mass is more an intrusion upon this norm. Such is it that this displacement effect is expressed as if the mass has intruded upon its relative consistent, or inertial, condition of the Space-Time continuum. This ground breaking book is set to be presented at the 2019 Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) conference in Cleveland, OH, from April 10th to 13th, 2019.

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