The most Stupid Laws of the world

The most Stupid Laws of the world

Dying in Sellia, Italy is Illegal!

Laws are necessary to deal with the crimes and they ensure that everything is in order. No society can flourish without them as ‘Rule of Jungle’ would engulf all the manners associated with the humans. Although they have ultimate importance, sometimes the laws fabricated are totally out of sort. They hardly make any sense to human brain but are still prevalent for many years in different parts of the world. Following is a list of stupid laws that you might find pretty hard to believe.

1.      Traffic Fines in Finland

According to Finnish law, the amount of traffic fine you will have to pay depends upon your income. That’s the reason behind the most expensive traffic fine ever. A director of Nokia, Anssi Vanjoki, was fined $12.5 million for driving at 75mph in a 50mph zone. However, he appealed against the decision following a serious drop in his income and the fine was revised to $103,600.

2.      No Ketchup in School Cafeterias

In France, you get no ketchup in school cafeterias following an announcement from the president of the national association of municipal catering managers, Christopher Hebert. What adds more to the strangeness of this decision is that it is not based on the health issues but was done to preserve French culture. However, you can get French fries with ketchup once a week.

3.      Currency Act of Canada

According to this act, use of unreasonable amounts of coins to purchase anything is illegal. This means that the idea of using only coins for purchasing goes out of the window. The shop-owners have the liberty to choose whether they want coins or not. In case they don’t need coins, they can simply refuse and you are bound to pay with notes.

4.      You cannot die in Italian cities

There are two cities of Italy where dying is prohibited. One of them is Sellia. This law exists in many other parts of the world as well. The defined purposes of these weird law are depopulation and aging towns and health issues.

5.      Public Display of Sickness is Prohibited in Washington

Yes, you read it right. You could be found guilty of a misdemeanor if you sneeze or cough at your workplace without informing the authorities and your co-workers that you are sick. That’s not all. You could also be charged for exposing yourself to a sick individual as you might catch an infection and spread it to other people around you.

6.      Yellow Margarine is Illegal in Missouri

Love to eat yellow margarine in your breakfast? Missouri is not the place where you should be as it is a criminal act there to sell and consume this natural product. This law was most probably made to save the dairy industry in the 20th century as it was a key business for the state at that time. Having said all that, there is no report of a serious punishment in the last 100 years but you might have to spend 6 months in jail.

7.      Single Goldfish in Switzerland

The animal cruelty laws of Switzerland are considered the most dedicated ones. You can keep goldfish as a pet but having just one fish is considered inhumane isolation and serious consequences awaits if you have done that. This law applies to many other animals as well including guinea pigs. There are designated companies there which ensure that these pigs are always in couples. Talking about animal rights, Switzerland has set the bar really high.

8.      No Chewing Gum

The Singaporean authorities banned the sale of chewing gums after they found extraordinary amounts of eaten gums in subway trains and their stations. If you ever intend to visit Singapore, do take your stock of gums with you and Never through them anywhere other than the trash can.

9.      Keep your Headlights on

Danish law wants its drivers to keep the headlights on even in daytime. According to several studies that were conducted after the implementation of this unique law suggests that the number of accidents actually went down following this law. Don’t ever forget that or you might have to bear a loss of $100.

10.  Dirty Car can be Costly

In Moscow and Chelyabinsk, driving a dirty car can lead to a fine of 2,000 rubbles. The purpose of this law is to keep the police clean as a dirty car can give them a reason to stop you for some cash.

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