This Is How Marine Animals Sleep

This Is How Marine Animals Sleep

Many of you asked for sure how marine animals do really sleep. Here is the answer, and it is amazing.

1. Sperm Whales

In the past it was believed that Sper Whales are sleeping on the bottom of the ocean, but new studies are showing the real proof. They sleep for 10 to 15 minutes at a time, straight up and down. With their frozen bodies they are moving in grops. This is a group of spermwhales sleeping together.

2. Dolphins

It is known that Dolphins have two ways of sleeping: while staying still at the surface of the water or sleeping while swimming slowly, which is unbelievable. Young dolphins don’t sleep to prevent themselves from sinking.

3. Sharks

We don’t understand exactly how sharks sleep. Most of them were seen sleeping in strong currents . Many species of sharks can’t stop swimming completely because they need to keep their bodies oygenated. This video shows how a White Shark is facing a strong current with his mouth opened. Scientists believe this is how a sleeping Shark looks like.

4. Walruses

Maybe the walrus is the only animal that can sleep everywhere. Floating in the water vertically, using their tusks to hang onto ice floes or sleeping on the beach, they just love sleping anywhere.

5. Sea Otters

Unexpected, Sea Otters are holding hands while sleeping. Their love actions are happening in the water, using a couple of techniques to ensure they don’t drift away. If they don’t have a partner, a piece of kelp from the seafloor is a good anchor.

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