Top 10 Books about Space

Top 10 Books about Space

Astronomy and Space amaze you? If yes, these masterpieces are just the right thing for you.

There are numerous great books in the market on the topic of space. Authors have worked in all domains from kids to adults and from fiction to non-fiction. Hence, you have the liberty to choose your next read, according to your interest, from a massive pool of books. The following list might help you with the selection process as we have ensured that all the entries are from the top drawer.

         A Brief History of Time

This book was written by the legendary physicist called Stephen Hawking. One of the salient features of this book was the predictions made by Hawking. Later happenings proved that a lot of them were true and some of those theories hold up even in today’s world. The fact that all his complex ideas are easily understandable shows the composure of his writing skills. If you have queries about space, refer to this book and it will satisfy all of them.

        Packing for Mars

Mary Roach compiled this book so artistically that the reader is forced to praise her efforts. She never visited space but the details included in this book reflect otherwise. A lot of instrumental questions, about space tours, are answered by Mary. Some of them are: What’s living is space really like? Could we survive on another planet given what we are accustomed to? Read and get amazed by her levels of imagination.

        The Universe Explained to my Grandchildren

A famous astrophysicist, Hubert Reeves, wrote this book by making use of the conversations he had with his granddaughters. This makes it one of the unique space-related books. He recalled times when they looked at stars together and he answered all their questions about different aspects of space and universe.

        Death by Black Hole

Neil deGrasse Tyson needs no introduction. He hosted a famous documentary, “Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey” and is also hosting “StarTalk”. This renowned astrophysicist wrote this amazing book with humor, humility, and humanity. He explained various important subjects related to space and ensured that readers enjoy their time with this book by adopting a lighter mood.

        An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth

Chris Hadfield, known for David Bowie music video he made at International Space Station, wrote this book explaining his preparations for living in space. This Canadian astronaut mentioned all his planning before going to a space venture. The reader is offered a fascinating mix of fear, excitement, and madness in this book. It gives you total insight into the thinking of an astronaut and this tool can be extremely helpful in living a peaceful and healthy life on Earth.

6     Space Atlas

This is a treat for all those who want pictures in the books they read. National Geographic compiled the first-ever atlas of the universe which has amazing scenes of nature’s artistry captured through space telescopes. Explore the planets, stars, and cosmos of the universe with this first-of-its-kind space book compiled by James Trefil.


The mentor of Neil deGrasse Tyson, Carl Sagan, collected rigorous data on some important topics like cosmology, biology, anthropology, and astronomy to compile them in form of this must-read book. He expressed his views on the future of Science and told the world about the existence of extraterrestrial life and the impact it can make to the humans.

8     The Secret Life of Space

Heather Couper and Nigel Henbest have covered real scientific pioneers that were lost somewhere in the history. This comprehensive book covers historical events, like the discovery of the first telescope, as well as predictions for space travel in future. It also tells a story of an engineer who found life on Mars.

9     Physics of the Impossible

If you love Science Fiction, Michio Kaku has the best gift for you. He discussed his impossible ideas like force fields, death rays, and invisible cloaks. He didn’t only suggest them but also explained their feasibility one day as a lot of modern day inventions were considered unreal some decades ago.

        Women in Space

Karen Gibson has paid tribute to all those brave and intelligent women who spent their life in space-related research. Book consists of 23 stories and all of them focuses on the hard work they did. She explains their past, their pleasant and unkind experiences, and the future hopes they had. It is an inspiring read as these determined women defied all odds.

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