Top 10 Books of all time

Top 10 Books of all time

It’s a famous saying that, “Books are a man’s best friend.” Many people believe that phrase but if you have any doubts, do read these books and I am sure your opinion about books will change.

Anna Karenina

It has been the top-ranked novel since the date of its publication. It is purely a treat for all the people out there who have interest in gambling, marriage plots, and Russian feudalism. The story of two characters is portrayed beautifully in the eight parts of this novel by Leo Tolstoy. Anna is a disenchanted housewife while Levin struggles with philosophy.

Conversations with God

This book is one of its kind as it describes communication between the writer, Donald Walsch, and the God. It has 9 volumes. The very first book of this series was published under the title, ‘An Uncommon Dialogue’ and stayed on the list of New York Times Best Seller for 137 weeks. The series is about 3000 pages long and covers a lot of ideas.

The Great Gatsby

This novel is an ideal script to make students learn the ways of reading literature critically. The novel is the story of Nick Carraway who comes to New York and becomes friend with Jay Gatsby. Scott Fitzgerald discussed the Jazz Age of 1920 in depth is this book. The cover art of this novel is extremely famous which is a piercing face projected on the sky and lights from the cityscape.

To Kill a Mockingbird

This classic was written by Harper Lee and it was an instant hit. It was related with the racism of a particular time but the message it provides is universal. The most famous and iconic character was Atticus Finch who was a just lawyer and sympathetic father of Jean. His character changed the entire perspective about different races in the US. Harper became one of the most influential authors after its publication.

War and Peace

Many people might give up on the idea of reading this novel due to its length. But we assure you that all of it is worth it. It is about the years before, during and after the invasion of Napoleon in Russia. The craftsmanship of Leo Tolstoy was immaculate as he described the characters and explained the world of crumbling aristocracy in our societies.

The Da Vinci Code

This book will make you regret that why were you not interested in arts. This thriller keeps you on the edge not only while you are reading the novel but even after you complete it. Dan Brown has left some questions for you to answer through this book. It’s a story where Robert Langdon hunts treasure as police are on his tail.

A Great Man is Hard to Find

Flannery O’ Connor explained characters with different moral flaws in such an exciting and light mood that you are not pinched at all. You used humor and compassion to deliver her message across to the readers. Her storytelling abilities are at full disposal in this amazing book.


Many people might find this book from Vladimir Nabokov controversial as the subject of the book is offending for them. The story revolves around a middle-aged professor who becomes obsessed with a 12-year-old girl, Dolores. He becomes involved with her sexually after becoming her stepfather. ‘Lolita’ was his private nickname for Dolores and people claim that this name shows that a young girl is sexually precocious.

In Search of Lost Time

This novel by Marcel Proust was considered the best he has done for two major reasons. Firstly, its length which is seven volumes and then the theme of its story. He used the concept of involuntary memory in an inspiring manner, to say the least. He recollected all his thoughts from childhood to adulthood before compiling this classic book.


The Tragedy of Hamlet by William Shakespeare which is usually shortened to Hamlet is a story of revenge where Prince Hamlet is asked by the ghost of his father, King Hamlet, to wreck Claudius. He is the uncle of the prince who killed the King for sake of throne. He also married the widow of the deceased. This was originally written for a play but was published in form of a book later. It is regarded as the most influential work of literature ever done.

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