Top 10 most important Historical Events of all time

Top 10 most important Historical Events of all time

Many events in human history have had their impact on the future and shifted in one way or another. Some of them were beneficial for mankind while others lead to heavy losses of human blood and fortune, without any sustainable result. The 10 most important historical events of all time could be the ones that are described below.

New Zealand gave the Right to Vote to Women

This is one of the biggest steps for women rights that was taken in 1893 by Lord Glasgow. It did lead to a huge debate as many people argued that women should not have any part in politics. But, the governor stood firm to his decision and this amazing change took place. America and Britain followed this tradition in 1920 and 1928, respectively.

The Reformation

It could be considered the greatest event in the entire history of Europe. Prior to this, Roman Catholic Church had ultimate control over the government and the people. This was the time when learned men started to raise questions about the actions of the church in comparison to Bible. The religious text distributed to common people as a result of this campaign and the power of Catholic diminished gradually. It was also the root cause of America’s expansion.

American Revolution

This was the War of Independence in the United States against the military Rebellion of Great Britain. The basic reason for this revolt was the direct tax law passed in 1756. Dutch, Spain, and French supported this as they were supplying weapons to rebels. They also did invade physically alongside Britain. The war came to an end finally after the treaty of Paris.

Beginning of British Empire in India

Robert Clive was sent initially as a civil servant of The East India Company but was transferred to military wing and returned to England with a lot of cash. During his 1st tenure, he won Battle of Plassey. He came back to India with his 2nd tenure and organized British Colony in Sub-continent although French interests were also there.

Seven Year War

It could be called the first Global War of the world. It was initiated by the British intervention in the Ohio Valley, which was under French control. It was fought on three continents including the Caribbean Islands. France had complete domination in North America and British wanted to get their hands on Fur trade. It ended following a peace treaty in 1763.

Acts of Union

This act was passed by England and Scotland in 1707 that gave birth to Great Britain. This made them same monarchy but legislatures were different. Earlier, the English tried to invade Scotland and failed pretty miserably. 31 commissioners were selected from both countries to negotiate the issue and a positive result came out in the end.

The Life of Muhammad

Irrespective of whether you are a Muslim or not, you simply cannot deny the influence he had on the human history. He pulled the tribes of Arab from the darkness to the Islamic Golden Age. The culture of that region flourished and many advancements were seen in scientific fields like Mathematics in that era. Concepts like zero, decimal and algebra were discovered during that phase. The impression of his personality can be identified by a simple fact that Islam has been one of the largest religions of the world ever since its birth.

Life of Jesus

The effect of Jesus’s life in this world could be imagined by considering the dating system that we use to date. He never traveled much and his teachings spread vastly after he left this world. This eventually led to Romans becoming Christians. Christianity is still one of the largest religions around the world.

World War I

It began following the assassination of Archduke Franz. War was declared on Serbia by Austria-Hungry. It redrew the maps of Asia and Europe as 10 million people were martyred in a span of 4 years. Many deadliest weapons were introduced in this war and League of Nations was formed to prevent any future incident.

World War II

League of Nations failed to deliver as Second World War was fought with people from 30 different countries. Most advanced weapons including nuclear weapon were used in this destructive event. Casualty count was as high as 80 million United Nations was set up in order to stop this anarchy. The entire dynamics of the world changed following it.


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