Top 10 Mobile Apps that can Improve and Calm your Brain

Top 10 Mobile Apps that can Improve and Calm your Brain

If you want to enhance your mental abilities in today’s technological world, look no further than your smartphone.

These are the times where there’s an app for everything. From simple reminders to professional editing applications, in the world of apps, there’s a little something for everyone. Gone are the days when mobile phones used to be mere devices used for communication. Now, these devices have evolved into small albeit powerful computers that can be used for almost everything. Amongst the mass of apps, here are the top 10 apps that will help improve and calm your brain.

1.       Calm (Android/iOS) [Free + optional subscription]

Calm takes a different approach in the world of meditation apps. Instead of relaxing ambient sounds or videos, Calm uses vocal recordings that can be anywhere from 3 to 25 minutes long. There is a wide variety of topics you can listen to including but not limited to happiness, gratitude, self-esteem, and stress. The already rich collection of programs is updated frequently. Moreover, Calm includes a feature of ‘Personal Stat Tracking’ that helps you to monitor your progress. Notably, Calm won App of the Year (2017) award in the Apple App store.

2.       Headspace (Android/iOS) [Free + optional subscription]

Headspace is one of the best meditation apps available for free. The app uses video and audio programs that can be 20-minute-long sessions or quick 2 to 3-minute ones depending on the user’s preference. The app uses a simple and minimalist take on meditation. There are guided meditation programs available that progress over time. A feature that makes Headspace stand out is the Friends system. You and your friends can join a single session and meditate together.

3.       10% Happier (Android/iOS) [Free]

10% Happier has a lot of options for meditations, taught by well-known meditation coaches. It is based on the book, ‘10% Happier’ by Dan Harris. Using the app, users can directly contact their coaches who are ideally available within one day. The app has 7 free programs you can choose with videos that are uploaded daily. 10% Happier was also listed as the best meditation app in the New York Times’ ‘How to Meditate’ guide.

4.       Meditable (iOS) [14-day trial, $6.49 per month]

Meditable is a relatively new app that is attracting a lot of attention. It is one of the most customizable apps you will find for meditation. You can choose from a variety of topics like stress-relief, productivity, and confidence, to name a few. You can combine many different tracks to make your own personalized track and meditate at your own pace. The app is free for 14 days after which you can subscribe to it for a monthly fee.

5.       Fit Brain Trainer (Android/iOS) [Free]

While there are plenty of apps to help you improve your brain and focus, Fit Brain Trainer is a game. It has plenty of tasks and mini-games that get harder over time, so you can sense the progression. These mini-games include calculations, puzzles, and a lot more. Your stats are saved, and you receive recommendations based on that.

6.       Elevate Brain Training (Android) [Free + Premium 14-day trial]

The exercises included in the app revolve around various categories which include focus, brevity, and processing. You can entirely customize when and what skill you want to train, and the difficulty scales up as you progress. Elevate is only available on Android and was chosen as the Editor’s Choice app in Google Play Store.

7.       Neuro Active (Android) [Free]

Neuro Active is a hybrid of mini-games and various exercises. These include nearly everything, from seemingly simple calculations to hard puzzles, all while the app tries to distract you from your tasks. A must have if you want to improve your focus! Your scores are saved, and you receive tips and tricks based off that. Neuro Active is only available on Android.

8.       Memorado (Android) [Free]

Also known as ‘Gym for your brain’, Memorado is an Android exclusive app that has its focus around cognitive exercises. The app has 15 base levels that you can try. However, these 15 levels span across 450 additional levels based on difficulty. The way Memorado works: You set a goal and give a small assessment test. Then you are offered a personalized training schedule.

9.       Insight Timer (Android/iOS) [Free]

If you like to have total control over how you meditate, look no further than Insight Timer! This app contains a plethora of content that you can customize to your liking, be it length, starting and ending times, or intervals. Insight Timer has got you covered with over 7000 meditation guides and around 1000 music tracks to choose from. This app was also included in the ‘Top 50 apps of 2016’ by Time Magazine.

10.   Welzen (Android/iOS) [Free]

This app is a whole package of meditation content. You can choose the hand-picked 10-minute sessions or rapid-fire micro-meditations. The well-categorized programs are updated regularly so your meditations sessions are a fresh experience every day. Meditations for kids are also available in the amazing app.

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