Top 10 Movies about Space You Definetely need to Watch

Top 10 Movies about Space You Definetely need to Watch

Life in Space intrigues you? If your answer is yes, you won’t regret your decision of watching every single one of the following movies.

Movies are a great source of entertainment. Different genre films are released every year but the appreciation received by space-related movies have exceeded many times in the last few decades. There are various reasons for that. One of them is the technological advancement that has allowed the human race to explore more about the outside world. For all the space lovers out there, the movies mentioned below are a must-watch in our view.

1.      2001: A Space Odyssey

It is regarded as the finest sci-fi movie as the entire cinematography was based on pure imagination. It released in 1966 when the human race has had no practical interaction with space. Similarly, all the effects were managed without the latest equipment which is an incredible achievement in itself. The fact that it was re-released many times speak about its stature.

2.      Interstellar

It received mixed reactions as some people simply loved it while others thought that the film had a little too much of a drag. However, the worth of this movie is expected to increase in years to come. A lot of people criticized Nolan for spending $165 million on this project but time proved that it was a great decision. It showed hope despite the hopelessness caused by the climatic changes in the near future.

3.      Predators

Despite the fact that Predators failed to impress as much as was expected, it had a complete story that keeps you occupied. As a viewer, you are thinking about the next scene all the time and that’s what any writer wants to achieve. The casting of the film might have led to its downfall as the characters were not natural to the action genre. Having said that, if you want to enjoy action-thriller, it is right up there.

4.      Moon

This low-budget movie had everything to impress the audiences and it did exactly that. Great effects and powerful performances were the highlights of this film. The story revolves around Sam Rockwell, who is a lone astronaut stuck on a Moon mining station and there is something wrong at Sarang Base. It’s a classic sci-fi which marked the debut of director Duncan Jones.

5.      The Right Stuff

One of the most underrated movies which couldn’t gain much at the box office due to a political campaign. It is easily the best story about space travel that has ever been filmed. The most amazing thing about this movie was that it was larger than life yet it all looked true as humanity tends to enhance habitable places in the universe.

6.      Total Recall

It is regarded as a ‘perfectly weird’ space movie. It stars Arnold Schwarzenegger who tries to infiltrate Mars in a disguise of an old lady. Continuous confusion, vulnerability, and suspense are in store for the viewers. You will even get to see an exploding head in the vacuum of the red planet so stay prepared.

7.      Solaris

This film was made on the story of a novel of Stanislaw Lem and it’s easier said than done. The statistical figures can never do justice with this masterpiece. A giant ocean with telepathic abilities was shown in this film which had the ability to bring long-forgotten memories back as hallucinations. Just imagine that.

8.      Hidden Figures

Can you imagine all the technology we have today, in the 1960s? This is what this movie is all about. Three African-American women are so good with numbers that they send John Glenn into orbit. In views of many analysts, it had one of the most compelling stories even shown in a cinema. Experience the unbelievable with this thriller.

9.      Gravity

Hyper-realistic visual effects took the world by surprise and most people fell in love with this classical 3D film. The cost associated with this movie was $100 million and it was hard to believe that it was completed in that budget by the looks of it. Its popularity can be judged by the fact that it won Best Director award at Oscars.

10.  The Martian

Extreme weather and the unfriendly atmosphere is what we associate with Mars and this is exactly what Mark Watney and his crew members get in this movie. There are no explosions and chaotic scenes, like usual space-related movies, in this film and all the thrill comes through the inventive ways of Watney that helps him to defeat all the difficulties.

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