Unsolved Mysteries of the World

Unsolved Mysteries of the World

Unsolved Mysteries of the World
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Many events and situations are inexplicable. Despite all the scientific research and technology at our disposal, we do encounter such scenarios sometimes. Some of these unsolved mysteries that continue to defy explanation and logic are discussed below.

A Village of Dwarfs

A Village of Dwarfs - Unsolved Mysteries

Yangsi is a small village in the Sichuan Province of China that has about 80 residents. What makes this place special is that about half of its population exhibits dwarfism. It all started 60 years ago when the growth of children aged five to seven stunted inexplicably. Research stipulates that stunted growth usually appears in 1 in 20,000 people.

Unsurprisingly, many blame supernatural elements for the villagers’ misfortune. One theory suggests that they invoked their ancestors’ wrath with improper burials. Another posits that they were cursed due to their consumption of a black turtle. Whatever the cause, there is a reason to rejoice as the newer generations seem to have been spared.

The Reincarnated Egyptian Priestess

The Reincarnated Egyptian Priestess -Unsolved Mysteries

Dorothy Eady miraculously revived soon after being pronounced dead at the age of 3. She fell from the stairs of her home in London. Four years later, she began to exhibit strange behaviors while visiting the London Museum. Oddly fascinated by the Egyptian exhibits, she sat before a glass-encased mummy. Despite all the efforts of her parents to drag her home, she kept sitting there for hours. She also ran around the statues and kissed their feet.

Dorothy was melancholic as she was eventually withdrawn from the museum. She kept on insisting that she belonged to ancient Egypt and must return to it. Ultimately, she married an Egyptian man and moved to Cairo. The marriage was short-lived as her husband got freaked out by her penchant for entering a trance and scribbling random hieroglyphics at night.

She wrote around 70 pages about her life in ancient Egypt as ‘Omm Sety’. She was a priestess at the Kom El Sultan temple. Even though her writings were discarded as the ramblings of a madwoman, they helped archaeologists to find the exact location of the Temple Garden. Similarly, they also discovered a secret tunnel on the basis of the information Dorothy provided. How she gained this knowledge is still one of the most intriguing unsolved mysteries in the world. 

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The “Sleep Incidents” of Kalachi

The “Sleep Incidents” of Kalachi

The citizens of Kalachi (in Kazakhstan) are beset by a strange affliction. Every day, several villagers just fall asleep in broad daylight and remain asleep for a few hours or even days. Doctors are at a loss to explain these “sleep incidents”, much less provide any form of prevention or cure.

Naturally, sufferers of this “condition” are terrified of dying in their sleep. Some “sleepers” report a sense of memory loss, vertigo, and extreme nausea upon waking. Other symptoms include hallucinations, brain dysfunctions, and even strokes.

The sleeping villagers are also detrimental to the economy. Not only are work hours lost, but fear leads to migration. Although elevated carbon monoxide levels were linked with these incidents in 2015, the findings aren’t conclusive.

The Walker in the Woods

The Walker in the Woods

There are some woods in western Switzerland that children are scared to play in. They are being “haunted” by a man dressed in a military uniform with a gas mask over his face. He’s been walking down the same path every day for over ten years. Attempts to communicate with him are futile. If he encounters someone, he just stares at them and walks away in silence.

Locals call him Le Loyon, and though he’s harmed no one, he terrifies them. The authorities state that as he has broken no laws, no action can be taken. His clothes were once found abandoned in the woods with a note. The note mentioned that “the risk of a hunt for the Beast” was too great and he was leaving.

The man’s whereabouts are unknown; as is why he wears the mask, and why he doesn’t speak. It is speculated that he is either mentally disturbed or has a skin disease which motivates him to hide his face. Until someone gets him to speak, this case will remain among the unsolved mysteries in the world.

The Most Haunted Forest

The Most Haunted Forest

Hoia Baciu, in Transylvania, is known as the most haunted forest in the world. Visitors to the forest often return terrified, claiming that burns and rashes appeared on their bodies inexplicably. Some also report gaps in their memory, which span over a few hours.

The trees of Hoia Baciu have the appearance of being malformed. Likewise, there are rumors of floating heads and disembodied voices being encountered in this forest. The locals tell of a shepherd who entered the woods with 200 sheep and disappeared forever along with them. The mysteries regarding the forest remain unsolved despite the best efforts of ghost hunters.

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