How to entertain your kids with a simple experiment: Floating egg

How to entertain your kids with a simple experiment: Floating egg

Floating egg – Absolute Knowledge experiment

Today we decided to show you an experiment that would distract your kids from ordinary things.

So, what follows will show you how to realize a very simple experiment: Floating egg.

This is based on principles of density of pure fresh water and salt water. If we put an egg into a glass which contains pure water, it sinks, but if we place it in a glass which contains brine, it will float. Down below you have all the details of how you could do this experiment.




Materials required:
– A tall glass
– An egg
– salt
– water
– A spoon

1. Place the cup on a flat surface so that it does not slip in any direction.

2. Pour water inside of the glass and fill it half.

3. Pour salt water into this half glass of water, so that water ends in a much higher density than the common.

4. Now that the glass is half filled with salt water, enter the egg inside. As you see, the egg floats.

5. No other changes to make, pour pure water in the same glass very slowly over the floatin egg. Continue to pour water until the glass is filled. You will notice that the egg floats at the half of the glass, being located at the border between salt water and pure water.

You can see in the video that follows all these details, made by Knowledge Absolute team:


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