What is Illuminati and Why they Think they Rule the World?

What is Illuminati and Why they Think they Rule the World?

Whether the Illuminati is real or not, we don’t know but one thing is for certain that humans fear whatever that is unknown to them and fear is a tool that can control anyone.

The word ‘Illuminati’ means ‘enlightened’. This name is associated with several real and fictitious groups. The original society was Bavarian Illuminati, a secret society founded in 1776. The main objectives of this society were to oppose superstition, abuses of state power, and religious influences over life. Bavarian Illuminati, along with various similar societies, was outlawed by a Bavarian Ruler Charles Theodore. He was convinced by the Catholic Church to do so. In the years that followed, the society was further attacked by various religious groups. This society was also believed to be behind the French Revolution.

Surprisingly enough, a significant number of influential people joined the society. In the years that followed, numerous societies adopted the ‘Illuminati’ title and started working towards similar goals. These societies claimed to be associated with the original Bavarian Illuminati or similar societies even though such links were never proved. Such societies are notorious for causing mass disruptions inside huge corporations and governments. Such societies want to establish a ‘New World Order’ to change the way the world works.

The usual image painted of the Illuminati in movies and novels is a shady secret order that controls everyone beneath it like a puppet. For some reason, many people actually want to join the Illuminati. Just last week, a man in South Carolina paid $250 to some Illuminati recruiters. The recruiters turned out to be fake and the man was scammed. This just shows the lengths some people would go to join such societies. This is not the first time that such an incident has occurred. Given the mysterious nature of Illuminati, a significant number of people are attracted to it to look beyond the fog that surrounds it.

David Bramwell is a person who has dedicated himself to uncovering the mystery of the Illuminati. The modern-day Illuminati myth, as some like to call it, has spread through a belief system called ‘Discordianism’. This belief promotes using practical jokes and hoaxes to spread chaos and anarchy. One of the avid supporters of this ideology was a writer named ‘Robert Anton Wilson’. His goal was to cause chaos using mainstream media. He started this by sending fake letters to a magazine named ‘Playboy’.

The letters were mostly related to conspiracies and about how there was an organization that will one day take over the world. Wilson even went ahead and wrote books on the society. One of those called ‘The Illuminati Trilogy’ caught a lot of attention worldwide. More and more people started talking about this New World Order. But what is this New World Order? To be fair, there is no definitive answer. Various theories suggest that the so-called order may be nothing more than another form of dictatorship.

The New World Order, this society seeks, calls out for a totalitarian world government. Time and time again, many actors and singers are alleged that they have joined the Illuminati. These conspiracy theorists are believed to have spread throughout the entertainment industry. Some believe that the Illuminati are using the media to brainwash the general public. The very possibility of this statement being true is scary because media is now extremely widespread and almost everyone is affected by it. That would actually mean that the Illuminati may very well have the power to control the majority of the population.

However, things changed dramatically when Canada’s Former Defense Minister admitted on a podcast that the Illuminati is, in fact, real and it does control the world. The reason being that the Illuminati have a plethora of resources at their disposal and they also have large stakes in the oil business. Furthermore, there is a theory suggested by him that these members of the Illuminati have some sort of hidden alien technology, which can solve various problems such as Climate change and Global warming. McConnachie and Robin Tudge, the Authors of ‘The Rough Guide to Conspiracy Theories’, talked about that and said,

“Perhaps because of the complete lack of any evidence for who the Illuminati actually are, they have simply become whatever conspiracists want them to be.”

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