Will the hole in the ozone layer ever close completely?

Will the hole in the ozone layer ever close completely?

In the past, scientists began to notice that the ozone layer above Antartica was thinning dramatically, but now the situation has changed.

Until 1986 the reason for what happened was chlorofluorocarbons, gases that were used in air conditioners. Luckily, governments banned the use of these gases at that time.

The ozone hole forms every year over Antarctica, beginning in August and reaching its maximum point in October.  Furthermore, the hole is not as big as it used to be. It has shrunk by 4.5 million sqare kilometres.

The fact that the ozone hole is opening later is really the key here” says professor Solomon, an atmospheric chemist, at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

It is opening later, it is smaller, and its depth is depleted. All of the measurements are independent, and when they all point to this (healing), it is hard to imagine any other explanation.” he explained later.

Professor Solomon also says that we could see a full recovery of the ozone layer  by the year 2060.

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