Will Smith had a conversation with the members of International Space Station

Will Smith had a conversation with the members of International Space Station

An epic chat session between Will Smith (on Earth) and Drew Feustel (at International Space Station) made history.

On Thursday, April 12 at 11:45 am EST, history was made when a Hollywood actor and a real-life astronaut joined hands to bring forth the first ever Instagram Live Session from International Space Station. The host of the Nat Geo documentary series ‘One Strange Rock’ and leading actor of movies like Men in Black, Pursuit of Happiness, and Independence Day, Will Smith, chatted live on Instagram with NASA astronaut Drew Feustel, Expedition 55 Flight Engineer, who was in the international space station which is 250 miles away from Earth.

The twenty-minute chat session hosted by NatGeo was full of laughs and giggles due to Will Smith’s hilarious but pertinent questions are chosen from questions sourced from the crowd. They were replied with equal grace and humor. Feustel and Smith conversed about life in orbit where Feustel told that it takes them just 90 minutes to travel around the planet, so they see 16 sunrises and sunsets every day. They also discussed the ‘Overview Effect’ that many astronauts experience when seeing Earth from space. On this matter Feustel said,

“I think there are very few astronauts that wouldn’t say that we wish that every human being could see with their eyes — not just pictures, but with their own eyes — what the earth looked like from space, and I personally think it would change us as a species. It would change us and make us all realize that Earth is really a spaceship.”

Not only this, they talked about the effects of weightlessness on the human body, with Smith wishing he could float and spin his microphone the way an astronaut can in microgravity. But the discussion took a funny course when Smith, with his very practically hilarious spaceflight questions, inquired Feustel about his experiences in the toilet. Feustel didn’t want to discuss the topic in detail so he decided to answer the question cleverly and replied,

“You can have a good day in the bathroom and you can have a really bad day in the bathroom. And you hope for the good days.”

Feustel openly discussed how his daily cleanliness routine does not include showering or bathing. Instead of this, he and other fellow astronauts use rub soaking-wet towels and soaps all day to keep themselves clean and tidy. He agreed to the fact that they don’t observe the necessary standards of hygiene as it’s hard to stay really clean up here.

Following his series of questions, Will Smith asked the astronaut of Expedition Flight 55 about the smell they have at the International Space Station. Feustel answered the question with a wit that the wet towels used for wet soaking are also responsible for some of the aromas they find in the space station. But this aroma also comprises of food smells which are pretty common inside an orbiting lab, which provides accommodation for six in-crew members.

These were the smells that contributed to the smell rather odor inside the space station. Regarding the smell outside of the station, Feustel said that astronauts returning from spacewalks tend to reek of ozone, which smells like burnt wire. Smith also asked Feustel if he knew of any astronauts who have had sex in space. Carrying on his inquisitiveness regarding coitus in space, Will said,

“Has anyone attempted for research purposes…the process of procreating the human species in space?”

The astronaut was left in tears after trying hard to suppress his laughter. After wiping his tear, he replied after gaining composure that he has no knowledge of those tests being done. To wrap up the interview, Smith presented the real-life astronaut with one burning question regarding the shape of Earth. Feustel answered the question in the way everyone expected. He told the world that it’s pretty darn round from my viewpoint. There’s no doubt about it, we’re going round and round.

That reply concluded the twenty minutes long chat session conducted live from Earth and International Space Station. It was a historic moment not only because Will Smith and Feustel were brought together but the fact that the participants of the meeting were hundreds of thousands of miles away. Will Smith in amusement asked most of the questions that we, the people of Earth, are curious about regarding the life of astronauts, the complications they face, the atmosphere around them, and the view of Earth from the space station.

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