15 things to do to have the life that you dream of

15 things to do to have the life that you dream of


1. Laugh everyday – When you laugh, your body release a hormon called oxytocin, called the laugh hormon.

2. Have goals – Set your own goals in life which you can to achieve. What is the meaning of life without getting better?

3. Dream big – But work hard for your dreams to come true. None is going to give you the life that you wanted, but you. ‘If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives’ -L. Snicket

4. Go on road trips – Try to see as many places as possible around the world. Life isn’t meant to be to stay in one place.

5. Quit smoking – Try this if you have not already done it. Scientists say that people who smoke are more pessimists than the people who did not.

6. Belive in you – Even if your dream is big and you think that you cannot achieve it, remember why you started and make it happen.

7. Avoid regrets – Life is not meant to be to live in the past. Just focus on the present. You will make mistakes but the trick is you can move on.

8. Eat healthier food – ‘You are what you eat’ – it’s true. By eating better, you will not just help your body, but you will feel more energetic and full of life.

9. Don’t compare yourself to others  – Most people use it as an excuse. Don’t be ridiculous. You can be better than anyone if you work hard.

10. Love  – Even if we never had the power to understand it. What is the meaning of life if love doesn’t exist in it?


11. Make friends – A few, in wich you can trust.

12. Read a book – Takes you on another journey, different from the movies.

13. Take initiative – Be the one who wants to make the things better and better.

14. Help the poor – Everytime you have the opportunity to do it, just do it.

15. Have memories – And don’t take them with your camera everytime, but with your eyes.

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