24h Rhythm of Your Body

24h Rhythm of Your Body

What your body is doing during a day?

Here’s a full list with all hours and your actions of your organism:

04:00: Your body reaches its minimum potential. The most of time, arrests are made at this hour.

05:00: Melatonin’s level on the blood begins to drop. Your body starts to realease many hormons.

06:00: Pulse and body temperature are raising. At this hour is multiplying the number of heart attacks.

07:00: Your body is extremely sensitive to pain and cold.

08:00: Body releases sexual hormons.

09:00: Here comes the moment for the hard work.

10:00: Optimal focus capacity, heart and circulation system supports effort at their maximum.

11:00: Yield begins to drop dramatically

12:00: Gastric acid productions is raising.

13:00: Body reaches minimum efficiency. Is a perfect time to take a nap.

14:00: Taste and smell senses are at their maximum level. Pain sensibility is low.

15:00: Perfect time for study.

16:00: Temperature and pulse of the body reaches the maximum point. It is the perfect time to go to the gym.

17:00: Bad mood and depression.

18:00: Body starts to regenerate.

19:00: The best moment for hand-made actions.

20:00: Defense capacity of the immune system drops.

21:00: You are hungry.

22:00: The body starts to get tired. It’s time to go to bed.

23:00: Pregnant women start to feel pain.

00:00: Focus capacity is very low. Car accidents are often happening at this hour.

01:00: Your liver is working hard.

02:00: Your body is calm. Tension and pulse are at the lowest levels.

03:00: Now is multiplying number of suicides.



*Note: This post was created by taking an example of the average man. Many informations may vary.



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