Top 10 things you thought were true, but aren’t

Top 10 things you thought were true, but aren’t

1. Slow Driving of a vehicle cannot be punished

Not just speeders can be punished by the law. The traffic law says it clear: ‘It’s illegal to drive very slow a vehicle without having a good reason. Of course, precaution is a credible motive, but admiring the landscape, not.


2. Pearls are white and diamonds colorless

Somewhere around polynesian islands from Pacific are black pearls too, but they are rare and very expensive. They where born from a species of oyster named Pinctada Margaritifera.

The color of the diamonds may vary from yellow, blue, red and black. Many of them has a poor-looking aspect.


3. ECO and BIO inscription of the products is a scam

Totally untrue. This is a rare apply on the products because the companies that create those products are heavily sanctioned or even closed.

Often, the real products have an ecological symbol on the wrapper and it looks like this: 


4. Alcohol heats the body

Even if the story stands for centuries, alcohol just dilate blood vessels on the surface of the body which creates the sensation of heating.


5.Coca Cola has nothing to do with cocaine

Coca Cola name comes from two base ingredients: cola nuts (which contain cafeine) and coca leaves (from which can be extracted cocaine).


6.Spiders come from the drainpipe

They can’t do that. Once it is absorbed into the drainpipe, it can’t come back. Maybe the mith started because of the insects capability of survival into the vortex of drainage.


7.Dreams lasts just few seconds

Scientists tended to believe that our dreams, even the longest, last only for 2 or 3 seconds. Wrong. Morning dreams last longer and they can achieve 30 minutes. Every man dreams, even if they don’t remember.


8.You can hear the waves of the sea inside of a shell

It is impossible. The only sound that you hear is the echo of your own blood flowing through your ears.


9. Does moles have eyes?

Yes, they do, but they are very small. Their eyes purpose is only to make a difference between light and darkness. Why they need more if they are traveling underground?

10. Tomatoes are red.

There are many tipes of tomatoes: yellow, green, orange, purple, pink and almost black.

Even cord can be blue.


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